Topic #3 VAC: Why Mobile App For Sports Should Be Your Splendid Revenue Business Idea?


A Business Calling to Step into the World of an Innovative App Idea

The business world today seeks innovation. Here is one such innovative idea of Mobile app for sports.

How Sports Academies Work


Step 1:

The students who seek to join the sports academy visit the brick and mortar stores for raising their queries.

Step 2:

The digitally ahead sports institutes handle such requests online from their website. But here the students have to search for the individual sports platform and it doesn’t get any less hassle-free for the platform.

Step 3:

The students compare all the individual queries with the features, functionalities, schedules, and the coaching methods.

Step 4:

Then decides what sports academy he/she wants to join and makes the payment.

How They Shall Work with this App Idea


Step 1:

The sports academies enroll them to the platform.

Step 2:

The Students can directly send the queries to the platform and compare with the other sports academies.

Step 3:

The Students can finalize the platform and make the payments.

What is the assurance that mobile app for sports will turn out to be a neoteric business?


The innovation in the business model decides the make and break of any business. Just like the Uber Model which consisted of the on-demand economy business model, Airbnb that had the rental model, Tinder, that enhanced the convenience of the people by its swipe feature, the social commerce gave a rise to a completely new definition to the eCommerce and Social Media Platform, in the same way, this concept of a sports marketplace to connect the students and the coach with the help of digitization is a highly innovative concept and so it has got high possibilities to get accepted by the global users.

Benefit with the Innovative Idea

  • Since the concept of listing out the sports academy for the students is a completely new business idea, the sports academy will be eager to enroll themselves on this platform.
  • The sports academies get direct opportunity and an additional platform to market about their services, so the chances to acquire them are whopping big.

Convenience With Digitization

  • With the platform going online, the sports academies can list their expertise and can lay out a form for the students to post their inquiries about the course they want to take up.
  • The owners can have leads whom they can offer customized discounts and deals and lead conversion can be possible.
  • The sports-enthusiast can save their time and energy and can enquire online other than visiting the brick and mortar stores.

Front stakeholders for the app:





Academy owner

Features that suit the functionality of mobile app for sports


Which feature are relevant for customer module of app


Account Registration

There should be a registration module for the students which can help the sports academy to reach out to them using their contact information.

Payment Options

The students can make the payments using various payment options or using the wallet within the application

On-site Search Options

On the basis of the type of coaching the students want, they can search and get feeds about the sports academy so that they can post their queries.



For every activity within the application that can concern to the students, they get notifications.

Chat Modules

In order to get more information or to resolve a query, the students can chat with the sports owners and can clear their doubts.

Viewing of Academies

The students can search for the academies directly from the listings of the academies.


Comparing the Queries

The students can compare various queries from the individual platforms along with the queries received from the various sports academy.

Filling out Forms

After the students view the type of academy they would like to get coaching in, they can fill out the inquiry forms with all the specifications about their schedules and can reach out to the sports academy.

What are features required for admin


Listing Out the Academies

The admin will hold the power to enroll the academies after they have paid the listing fees.

Manage the Front Stakeholders

The admin handles the responsibility to control the students and the individual sports academies to look over the community of the app and have suspend, edit, delete roles.

Managing the transactions for the students and the owners

All the transactions will go via admin on the platform. He shoulders the important responsibility of managing the transactions for the students and the owners.


Manage Subscription Plans

For managing the pricing according to the subscription plans, it is upon the admin to manage the subscription plans.

Setting Sports Category

For better targeting, individual sports academies should be able to choose which categories they provide their courses for and select the exact category of sports.

Passing inquires on-demand

Another possibility of revenue generation can be the one that involves passing the inquiries from the students for a smaller amount of fees.When the inquiries have arrived for the platform, the admin gets a notification to review the inquiry in exchange of some fees.

Here list of relevant features for owner of sports academy


Receiving applications and inquiries for Applications

The platform owners get notifications for the queries received and they can directly view the inquiries within the ‘Received inquires’ tab.

Sharing of Details with Students and Parents

Once the query is reviewed by the academies they can reply to the queries and can share it to both the students as well as the parents.

Sharing Schedule Information

On request, the owners can share the schedule information on request.


Managing Seats in Every Session

The academy owners can edit/update the information about the seats filled/taken for every course.

Sharing Information about the Coaches

On requests, the academy owners can share the information about the coaches and if the platform allows the students can even pick up the coaches.

Rolling out notices on important announcements

When there are some important notices or information regarding the courses, seats, discounts, additions of coach, etc.


Laying Out Forms

The academy owners can lay out forms based on the different categories of the courses they provide.



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Which sports academies are relevant for your splendid business idea?


Football Academies

Listing out various skills of Football – goalkeeping, goal strategies, player placement, sweeper, center forward, striker, etc.

Boxing Clubs

Listing out various boxing styles of Boxing – Swarmer, Out-boxer, Slugger, Boxer-puncher, Stances, punches, etc.

Cricket Academies

Listing out various cricket techniques – batting, bawling, wicket keeping, empiring, fielding, etc.


Karate Training Facilities

Listing out various Karate strategies such as straight punch, vertical fist punch, thrust punch, rising punch, roundhouse punch, hook punch, close punch, lunge punch, reverse punch, two-handed punches, wide-U punch, U punch, parallel punch, scissors punch, etc.

Kickboxing Training Facilities

Listing out different Kickboxing skills such as jab, Straight, Hook, Uppercut, Front kick, Round kick, Side kick, etc.

Martial Arts Training Facilities

Listing out the Martial Art strategies such as upper/rising, Kata Application, Straight Punch, Middle/ Stomach level, Stance, Black belt Grade, line of movement in Kata, Lower Level, downward sweep, kick, reverse, thrust, upper/face level, spear head, grade below black belt, etc.


Wrestling Schools

Listing out the wrestling techniques such as body avalanche, Thesz press, Vertical press, Chops, Clothesline, Double axe handle, Drops, elbow, Knee strike, Kick, Lariat, Punch, Slap, Splash, Stomp, Upper cut, Weapon Shot, etc.

Tennis Academies

Listing out various Tennis skills like – Backhand, Backspin, Backswing, Baselining, Chop, Counterpuncher, Crosscourt, Forehand, Kick serve, etc.

General Sports Academies

Listing out sports that the academy provides so that the students can subscribe to whatever sports they like.

How can you stand out a mobile app for sports in this crowded market


Since the platform is completely new, it becomes very crucial to market about the sports marketplace. There are some marketing aspects that can help you to target a larger group of people.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Since getting valuable insights, recommendations, and suggestions from the trusted individual is of utmost importance, word of mouth marketing is the most efficient form of marketing.

A Competitive Social Media Platform Alternative

Marketing on the Social Media Platforms can be a big boost to create awareness about this unique platform. With each share about the platform there will be a large number of reach to the audience.

Providing Notifications to the Buyers

This is the best way to target the right audience. What you should do is, look out for the sports pages and communities, join and like those pages and market about your application there.



Though traditional, advertisements still hold a significant place in the marketing. Gone are the days of using brochures and pamphlets! The need of the hour is to advertise using Google Ads or by using the clickable ads on the relevant websites.

Involvement of Brand Giants

Get the famous sports academy people to endorse your platform. They already have a loyal fan-base and so there are whopping chances of your platform getting exposure to the right kind of audience.




Which features of e-commerce is required in this app.

Your designated flow for mobile app

Operations planned in which country or city

Any specific business flow you have in your mind


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