Topic #4 SCAD: A Blueprint Of Fund Management App Development For Venture Capitalists To Eliminate Traditional Formed System


The ones who contribute their shares in the making of a business are the only ones abandoned by the very air of it.

While digitization has enlightened every possible venture, it could not make it possible in the very base of it – for the investors who make business happen with their funding.


What is happening today

It is the group of investors who had to manually search for the businesses suitable to their funding criteria and attend the event until TRooTech realized the gap and decided to ease this dilemma by providing them with an event management app idea for their ease to personalize and schedule their startup events.

Another manual process that the investors have to deal in with is in tracking the funds that they invest in the business.

It is of great significance that the funds go in the right direction in the business in order to leverage maximum returns on investment.

Why Investors Have To Rely On Historic Data-Sheets?


The problem that exists today for the investor is that they do not know how the investments are performing in the real time, but historically.

The business head lays out a quarterly or monthly report and updates about the business.

While business is a game of risk, don’t you think the ambiguity can arise after the report is published and before the investor gets an access to the report?

Yes. Ambiguity is Business’ Best Friend!

So, can the investors rely on the reports if their already-outdated updated fund information?


This is where the application idea that we have thought upon and developed can do bliss to the investors and the business consequently.

The fund management app development idea is a fund tracking platform for the investor in the real-time along with the fund information, updates about the business, analytics, reports, and every damn tool that can help investors track the movement of the funding.

The application provides complete transparency which helps the investors trust the tracked records, which in return, helps them gauge the future scope of investment.

These Relevant Automation Factors Are Essentials In Fund Management App Development.


The Time Factor

The Time Factor


It is of utmost importance to gauge the precise distributions for the equity investors for private equity but these waterfalls in fragile Excel spreadsheets consumes more time and takes away resources from higher value work.

And it is but the obvious, when users continue to make acquisitions and grow business; the scale of calculating distributions will weigh down your team.

The application will organize the distribution calculation for all the scenarios. It takes a precise representation of organization structure, including all classes, and calculates distributions just with the help of a single click or with the help of a single tap.

No longer would the investors only have to go to the Dashboard app with the static app, but all the approved distributions are immediately available in the Investor Dashboard and they would have all the funding via email and SMS notifications.

The app has the capability to reduce the time for calculating the distributions and processing to an easy and accurate activity that minimizes the effort and improves investor relationships.

Augments the Investor’s Transparency


The transparency is the most basic requirement when an investor decides to invest in a venture.

An investor would definitely expect to know the minutest detail possible about where their funds are going when they make investments.

This purpose is solved by the application in the form of tying up the investor’s dashboard with the distributions with the funding information.

The application will include an investor dashboard that provides the data that the investors demand including project information, performance metrics, ownership percentages, historical distributions, and many more.

Augments Transparency

The investors can update their own contact and bank information in one place.

The application is an overarching platform that easily handles all the data together to provide the quality of transparency that the investors seek for from the platform.

Decreases Investor Support Time

Decreases Investor Support Time


It is not uncommon that the investors are critical to their private equities but supporting them can exhaust significant time and resources.

This way most of the time is wasted in updating the information which could have been better invested in doing more valuable tasks, like attending another business event.

This fund management app can help the investor dashboard that your investors can access anytime, anywhere – on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

It will both reduce the time that you are spending on investor support as well as improve your investor’s experience.

This dashboard provides information on each of the investor’s investment individually and every entity they invest in.

Raise Equity Faster


The application first enables you to create a compelling deal page with the important information on the platform, investment criteria, performance expectations, and funding process.

This information once fed can be accessed privately by the investors that best fit for the need of the investment.

This way it becomes easier for the investors to raise equity faster by tracking where the funding goes.

The details that are to be fed in the application are based on the investment size, asset type, custom tag, etc.

With the accurate information about where the funds are going, the investors can decide to fund in the next round in the business and can raise the equity faster.

Raise Equity Faster

Secure Data

Secure Your Investor Data


With the help of such an application, the investors can access the areas where their funds are invested in and on the basis of the performance of the fund; the investors can easily look out for the possibilities of funding in another round.

By pulling together the data from accounting and the application the investors would get a complete visibility into the revenue and expenses that they can better utilize to manage the performance of each of their property.

The application integrates with the most common and real accounting systems in order to provide a single, actionable view of the investor’s portfolio.

This way the fund data is available with greater security, with easy usability, interactive dashboard, etc.

What Are The Aspects That Help App For Global Acceptance?


The concept of the fund management app development is highly neoteric but did you know, the application in itself has got huge chances of global acceptance?


Ease to Access

The investors get the same ease to access as they use their bank account application. Fund tracking could not have been easier!

Document Management

A one-stop to the storage of all the historical and current documents. Be it the document from the past funding or the latest ones, investors can store and access any number of documents at any time.


The business-head would be on-board with the investor and would provide all the information about the performance of the fund. Thus, the investors would no longer have to wait for the long monthly reports.



The platform can further even have the module for the transfer of the funds and both the stakeholders will be notified when the transfer is made. The transaction details will also be stored and can be accessed any time.


The Investor application provides a secure login which is backed by the encryption protocols and recovery process. An investor will also have the authority to add any other partner or investor in the dashboard. This way both the investors can manage the funds.

Global Acceptance



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In a World Of Full Trend Why You Want To Be Classic?


All the processes of the investors and fund management have been offline with the help of the Excel sheets manually.

With the help of a dedicated application, the process that is executed will be frequent and in large volume.

The process requires multiple systems which can quickly and efficiently

log in and log out of applications and cut and paste data from one application to another.

While the stories of human errors in making the excel sheets are not inexhaustible, the application would be such that the software would be able to track the funding without any ambiguity about the funds.

The data would be obtained in a much more structured manner, with little or limited exception-handling.

Since the entire process would be based on the software and automation, consequently the human intervention will be limited.

This limited human intervention in the data would increase the efficiency of the data.

The only stakeholders for such an application are the investors who provide fully automated solutions.


How You Convey Customer In An Increasingly Competitive Industry?


The automation of property portfolio management is set to form a critical part of investment trends.

For the companies who manage assets on behalf of investor clients, property portfolio software is helping them reach their goals more quickly and efficiently.

In place of blindly depending on a string of financial management programs and platforms, property portfolio software is allowing those handling larger portfolios from one portal.

Managing the cost and drawing in profit in a surging property market.

Once the application gets live in the market, it will complete the startup, newbie, angel investor, and seed investor sphere by its seamless flow of the digital process.

This fund management app will extensively help the investors manage their resources and plan their future funds accordingly by keeping a note of how the existing funds are doing for the business.


Some Of The Benefits That The Investors Get Are:


Investors Portal and Dashboards

Provide investors with visibility and complete transparency by giving them an access to a personalized dashboards.

Fund Information

The investors can store all of their fund information securely in the application and can choose to view it as and when they need it. This also involves the total asset they used as funding.

Business Insights

The investors can add the business they have funded in and they will get overwhelming insights about the business.

Fund Tracking

The investors can track where the fund goes in the business in the application itself.


The analytics within the application can help the investors in driving in better fund performance. This can be done within the app simply by integrating the data from the application and accounting systems.

Increase Profits



With the help of the unique features provided by the application in the form of investor’s portal and dashboards, information about the funds, business insights, fund tracking, and analytics, the investors can considerably increase the profit.

With the complete information about the past and present movement of the funds, the investors can get comprehensive information about the funds and can decide about the futuristic actions.

Moreover, the fluctuations are also shown in the app when the fund goes through a sharp change. When this happens, the investors can, as a way of precaution, take back or can suggest the business about the funding method, thereby saving the whopping chances of loss and saving up the instances of profit.


Why You Should Get Rid of Classic Manual Process?


An imperative of digital engagement and innovation has emerged and the businesses have already realized that they must use digital channels to engage with their chief stakeholders in order to maintain relevance and have an easy access to the data.

But very few people actually realize the need of the hour and make investment in the digital idea.

The real imperative in the world where everything is digitized is that businesses need to pursue innovation to disrupt their own business model before competition does.

Without any of the innovation strategies, companies will lose their competitive advantage. There is no time to lose as technology change accelerates exponentially and new digital platforms and devices are emerging.

The challenge for businesses is to face the implications of digital change, in particular, the loss of control over the customer relationship, increased competition, and the need to engage digitally with the stakeholders.


Story At Glance


Talking about today, it takes a big sheet of paper or sophisticatedly an excel sheet to jot down the current movement of the funds, it is highly tedious to track the funds as and when the investor wants to make analysis.

While when in case of the application, the fund information is stored automatically and the business head would frequently update the fund information into the application and the investor can readily track the funds.

This process would totally be independent of time as the investors can extract the insights whenever they want, wherever they want!


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