Augment your IT team with the Right Resources from TRooTech for your Product.

NodeJS App Development Services from TRooTech Equal Peak App Performance, Scalability, and Cost Optimization

Hire the Best NodeJS Developers for a modernized and well-rounded product with an exceptional user experience.

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Augment your IT team with the Right Resources from TRooTech for your Product.

NodeJS App Development Services from TRooTech Equal Peak App Performance, Scalability, and Cost Optimization

Hire the Best NodeJS Developers for a modernized and well-rounded product with an exceptional user experience.

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Why CTOs Opt to Hire the Best NodeJS Developers from TRooTech?

18+ NodeJS Developers

(Diverse Pool of Intermediate and Experienced Developers)

127+ NodeJS Projects Successfully Deployed

(Successfully collaborated with small-, mid-, and large-scale industries)

1395+ Hours of NodeJS Development

(Our NodeJS developers have worked relentlessly for hours to shape the raw idea into a working software)

40+ Countries Served

(Worked with clients from multiple countries to offer our best NodeJS development services)

17+ Industries Covered

(We have had success collaborating with clients from over 17 industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, education, and more)

98% Client Success Rate

(Our resilient approach to NodeJS development keeps our clients in the success loop)

Stepping Stones from our Milestones

From real-time dashboards, chat modules, to interactive applications and streaming services, we have proactive and smart NodeJS developers you can count on for your application development.

Employee Management System

Employee Management System

Challenge: The development of an employee management portal with multiple features, including events, leaves, attendance, bills functionalities, onsite travel allowance and more for employee’s convenience.

Solution: We approached the employee management mobile application for cross-platform development using React Native for the frontend and NodeJS+ExpressJS+MongoDB for the backend.

Web Service-based Product

Web Service-based Product

Challenge: A web service-based product for comfort and ease of medical shopkeepers for keeping track of their records for their shops to have better clarity about their stocks.

Solution: For the development of a web service-based product, our developers worked in an environment that included MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS. The app can be used to manage inventories to add or remove products from the cart.

Patient Management System

Patient Management System

Challenge: Developing a patient management system for patients to book appointments from a particular hospital, clinic, or doctor was a challenging task.

Solution: We developed a patient management system for patients to book their appointments and doctors to view the historical records of patients using NodeJS, Ionic framework, expressJS, Mongoose, and MongoDB.

Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System

Challenge: Given the complexity involved in the management of the human resource process, our client requested the development of an HRMS.

Solution: We opted for NodeJS to curb the complexity of the admin panel. Our developers used Angular 9, MySQL, and ExpressJS for the development of multiple modules including attendance tracking, interview scheduling, payroll processing and onboarding.

Why NodeJS Framework Can Be the Best Fit for your Product?

APIs in the NodeJS library are asynchronous in nature. It crucially means that a NodeJS-oriented server does not have to wait for an API for returning data.
NodeJS is built on the V8 JavaScript engine of Google Chrome. As a result, NodeJS features a faster code execution.
NodeJS leverages a single-threaded model using event looping. As opposed to conventional servers, NodeJS has an event mechanism that makes the server scalable.
NodeJS can be deemed as a method for publishing open-source codes. It can be used for package installation with over 650,000 free code packages to reuse.
When you use NodeJS, it enables the organization of full-stack JavaScript development to ensure the speed as well as the performance of an app.
NodeJS holds the right solution for the development of applications with the use of microservices and fewer resources.
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Best Frontend Frameworks to Integrate with NodeJS

NodeJS + Flutter

Hire NodeJS developers along with Flutter developers from TRooTech for mobile app development for reducing code development and high potential to move beyond the mobile landscape.

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NodeJS + AngularJS

Develop a mobile application that’s dynamic and responsive using MVC architecture and DOM methodology of AngularJS with two-way data binding for better performant apps.

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NodeJS + React Native

Get the best time to market for your mobile application with React Native’s ability to reuse code for cross-platform app development.

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NodeJS + ReactJS

Hire the best NodeJS ReactJS developers to develop dynamic applications for the performance enhancement of the mobile application.

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NodeJS+ VueJS

Leverage VueJS as a versatile language with NodeJS for the development of a lightweight mobile application with huge integration capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions to Hire the Best NodeJS Developers for Product Support

It is easy to find NodeJS developers with experience of 3 to 9 years. If you want a tech talent with a good understanding of front-end technologies, you can hire ReactJS developers with experience of 2-5 years. If your product requires proficiency in RESTful APIs, asynchronous programming, database scheme creation, and API communication, you can hire a NodeJS developer with 5-9 years of experience.

We are home to multiple NodeJS developers with diversified expertise and area of work for you to choose from.

At TRooTech, we have highly-qualified product managers and SCRUM Masters to ensure that your product runs without a hitch. You can instantly book a product manager for your product by sharing your requirement with us.
Based on the requirement, we can offer you the best engagement duration for your product. Although you would require to share your requirements with us for analysis and we can exactly estimate the time duration required for end-to-end project completion.
Yes. At TRooTech, we sign all the required documents, given our stringent approach to confidentiality clauses.
Yes. We work without any kind of compromise on your products. For seamless communication, we look at an intersecting time duration that’s feasible for our clients as well as our developers. Hence, nobody has to stretch out their work hours.
Comfort is indeed the key when it comes to offering our developers the best working infrastructure. We adopt the latest systems and technologies for our clients to get the best outcomes for their projects.
We have highly-qualified NodeJS developers with good communication skills, which means that working offshore doesn’t actually make any changes to the product development lifecycles. However, when your product demands, we can sign SLA and begin the process of sending our resources to your site.
Yes. We encourage brainstorming ideas about your product for an open discussion and influx of innovative ideas. Our experts at TRooTech can help you identify the grey areas of your product and resolve them to create a powerful end product.

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