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Comprehensive Solution for IoT Pet Trackers

Comprehensive Solution for IoT Pet Trackers


The client sought a comprehensive solution to keep pet owners constantly informed about their pets' locations, receive real-time notifications of critical events, and access detailed reports on their pet's presence. With a growing user base, scalability was a primary concern, demanding the capacity to handle increasing data volumes effectively.


Multiple GPS trackers transmit real-time data and event notifications to a message broker through the MQTT protocol, such as a low battery or leaving a safe area. This protocol choice ensures a device-friendly interface while conserving mobile phone battery life. A real-time data stream processor built on Apache Kafka collects data from various MQTT topics, processes it, checks its quality, and facilitates push notifications, ensuring secure data transmission. Data aggregation, powered by Apache Spark, processes data in memory, sorting it by various time intervals (hour, day, week, month), and transfers it to a data warehouse.

Upgradation to SaaS-based IoT Solution


The customer initially provided custom IoT infrastructure solutions to clients, but this approach proved time-consuming and limited their reach. They aimed to develop an IoT platform as a SaaS offering to optimize resources and expand their clientele. This platform would allow clients to establish consistent IoT infrastructures automatically and effortlessly. Lacking experience in such large-scale initiatives, the customer sought a technical partner to design the platform's architecture.


We devised a multi-tenant platform architecture, with the customer as the Super Admin empowered to manage user access. We developed an architecture that efficiently balanced the load among user instances, isolated user data, and facilitated personalized resource utilization statistics. We complemented the architectural design with an MVP development plan and a system requirements specification for the platform.

Upgradation to SaaS-based IoT Solution

Enhanced Fleet Tracking Management

Enhanced Fleet Tracking Management


The client faced a significant challenge regarding their subscription costs for third-party fleet management SaaS platforms. As their user base expanded to over 2,000 customers, managing 26,500+ IoT devices led to escalating subscription expenses. The existing SaaS platforms charged separately for each IoT device, resulting in cost inefficiency. The customer aimed to develop a bespoke fleet management solution to mitigate these growing expenses and secure long-term cost-effectiveness.


We implemented an array of functionalities, including Real-time and historical tracking. GPS trackers capture data on events (e.g., stops), geo-zones, speed, mileage, and vehicle location. Also include automated reminders for vehicle maintenance based on previous maintenance dates, vehicle mileage, or engine running time. We enabled real-time communication between drivers and their managers through a mobile app. We also established integrations with a fleet maintenance management system and an analytics tool for vehicle tracking data.

Remote Patient Monitoring System


The customer aimed to revolutionize healthcare by offering a sophisticated remote patient monitoring solution tailored for clinics. Their goal was to enhance medical staff performance, reduce the need for routine in-person visits, and elevate the quality of patient care. The customer required a team of experts in research and development and healthcare IT to achieve this ambitious objective.


We took on the challenge of creating a cutting-edge remote patient monitoring solution for clinics. We began by researching the best approach for data aggregation from various sensors and the automation of health measurements. WebRTC technology was chosen for platform-independent communication. Android and iOS apps were developed for patients and medical staff. These apps allowed patients to monitor health data while enabling medical professionals to diagnose and treat remotely. A web dashboard was implemented for healthcare providers to monitor patient health and receive alerts, enhancing overall patient care and reducing the need for routine visits.

Remote Patient Monitoring System

Car Electronics Management System

Car Electronics Management System


The client faced the challenge of developing a complex client-server solution to enable communication with vehicles and remote control of car electronics through their flagship hardware device. Integrating various vehicle functions, such as engine control, temperature adjustment, and door operations, into an interactive web interface and feature-rich mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. The challenge also included ensuring high connection stability and performance while tracking thousands of vehicles simultaneously.


We created a sophisticated system that integrated hardware devices with a web server, enabling features like vehicle tracking, remote engine control, temperature adjustment, door and trunk operations, trip monitoring, accident notifications, and more. The web software was built with a user-friendly interface, administrative functions, and an electronic payment system. It interacted with the server using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) API and was scalable through Microsoft Azure Cloud. Additionally, mobile apps for Android and iOS were developed with intuitive interfaces and intelligent voice command capabilities, ensuring efficient vehicle tracking and real-time notifications. This complex solution utilized various technologies, including Microsoft Azure, Entity Framework, and voice command interfaces like Google Voice Actions and Siri.

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Design wearable IoT-powered applications with enhanced connectivity to complete simple tasks and monitor health, fitness and daily activities without the need to open mobile devices.

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