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Hire Java Developers


Java Developers

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API Integration


The project encompassed various functionalities, including quote creation for B2B and B2C customers, complete digital signing (Esing), and integration with third-party services like Kwikfit, Sternpoint, and car glass appointment systems. Coordinating and ensuring seamless communication between these diverse components was a significant challenge.


We developed a robust microservices architecture with Apache Camel to efficiently handle the various integration points. This approach allowed us to create adaptable and scalable solutions for different functionalities like digital signing, appointment booking, and fuel payment integration.

Maven and Git (Azure DevOps) were used for managing dependencies and ensuring version control, respectively. Jira played a crucial role in tracking issues and facilitating effective collaboration among team members.

MyALD 2.0 - A Fleet Management App


The project involved a significant technology upgrade from its predecessor, necessitating a seamless transition while ensuring data continuity. Migrating the existing data and functionalities to the new platform, which utilized Core Java, Servlet, Spring Rest API, Hibernate, MS SQL, Angular 10, and Cordova, required detailed planning and execution. One of the application's core features enabled B2B customers, including drivers and fleet managers, to make appointments online for various services, such as maintenance, repair, window damage, and tire changes. 


The migration process from the previous version of the application to MyALD 2.0 was executed carefully to ensure a smooth transition. Core Java, Spring Rest API, and Hibernate were employed to manage data and maintain data integrity during the migration. The development of the appointment system was handled with Angular 10 and Cordova for a responsive and cross-platform user experience. WebSocket technology was utilized to facilitate live reports, enabling users to receive updates in real time. MyALD 2.0 successfully met its objectives by providing a feature-rich and technologically advanced platform for B2B customers.

A Fleet Management App

B2C Web App for Car Leasing

B2C Web App for Car Leasing


The app needed to support multiple leasing companies with unique contracts and configurations. One of the core functionalities of the application was to provide car lessees, primarily drivers with contracts through ALD Automotive Netherlands, with comprehensive online management capabilities. Drivers should be able to monitor their contract status, manage fines, schedule maintenance, place orders, handle invoices, and report their annual mileage for campaigns.


Core Java, Servlet, and JavaServer Faces (JSF) were used for web app development. Object-relational mapping (JPA) was utilized for database management, ensuring efficient and scalable data access. To accommodate multiple leasing companies, a flexible architecture was designed that allowed for easy configuration and customization based on the specific requirements of each partner. An intuitive and user-friendly interface was developed for the core functionalities related to contract management, order processing, and reporting.

Freight Tracking Platform


The core objective was to create a user-friendly platform for customers, backend users, and agents to manage various aspects of the freight forwarding process seamlessly. It included functionalities like booking shipments, tracking, document management, and handling legal processes. Each user role required access to specific features and data, necessitating careful design to ensure a smooth and logical user experience. Providing customers with accurate and up-to-date information on the status and location of their shipments required the development of robust tracking systems.


The development team focused on creating role-based access control and tailored user interfaces to ensure that customers, backend users, and agents could easily access the functionalities relevant to their roles. It was achieved through careful UI/UX design, role-based authentication, and authorization mechanisms. For real-time tracking, a robust tracking system was integrated into the application. This system allowed customers to track their shipments in real-time, providing accurate and timely updates on shipment status and location.

Freight Tracking Platform

Online Video Rental Platform

Online Video Rental Platform


The primary purpose was to create a user-friendly platform for users to rent and download video and audio content such as movies and songs. This involved implementing a rental and purchase system with online streaming and download options. It included implementing features like search functionality, categorization, and user-friendly navigation. Implementing secure and efficient payment processing was another crucial challenge.


A technology stack featuring JSP (JavaServer Pages) for dynamic web content, Servlets for server-side processing, JavaScript and jQuery for interactive web elements, and MySQL for database management was utilized to address these challenges. The development team focused on creating a user-friendly interface with features like search functionality, categorization, and user profiles. Users could easily browse and search for their desired video and audio content, enhancing the overall user experience. Also, integrated payment gateways ensure users can safely make rental and purchase transactions. 

Technical Expertise of Our Java Developers

  • Framework

  • EJBSpringHibernateJPAGrailsSeamTapestryWicketPromWeldPlayJSFApache Struts JavaFXServlet
  • Architecture

  • MonolithicMicro-servicesSOA
  • Libraries

  • Standard librariesJHipsterApache CommonsGsonJacksonJAXBLog4jStripe
  • Programming Language

  • Core-JavaJ2EE
  • Tools & Utilities

  • JS-BeautifyApache ANT™Apache JMeter™JRatApache MavenGradlePostman
  • Testing Frameworks

  • JUnitMockitoAssertJStream AnalyticsAzure Analytics Services
  • IDEs

  • EclipseIntelliJ IdeaNetBeansSTS
  • Front-end Technologies

  • Angular React JQueryHTML5CSSJSPJSTL
  • CMS

  • LiferayAlfrescoOpenCMSDocumentumFileNetMagnoliaCMSDayCRX
  • Servers

  • GlassFishWebLogicWebSphereJBossTomcatGeronimoWildFly
  • Databases

  • SQLAlchemy SQLiteMySqlPostgreSQLSQL ServerMongoDBDynamoDBOracle
  • Storage

  • Storage
  • Data analytics and machine learning

  • Apache SparkMoa
  • Event Processing

  • JMS RabbitMQApache KafkaLogStash
  • Cloud

  • AWS Digital OceanGoogle CloudAzureRackSpace
  • Deployment Process

  • JenkinsDockerKubernetes
  • External Services

  • SnowflakeDatabricksGrafanaWireSharkCamunda
  • Monitoring

  • KibanaPrometheus

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Java Web Development

We understand the importance of custom-tailored solutions and how they can augment business growth. This is why our Java developers work closely with clients to deliver custom web solutions that assist their business growth with perfectly tailored solutions. 

Java Mobile Development

Our professionals leverage their years of experience and knowledge to design mobile applications for multiple platforms. They strategize, design, develop, and deploy engaging applications for your audience. 

Java Microservices Development

We have Java developers for hire with competence in building lightweight and easy-to-scale Java-based microservices. They create resilient applications to keep up with modern needs and trends with the latest technologies.

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Easy-To-Learn Language

Designed to be easy to understand and use, Java has a simple syntax compared to C and C++. So, developers find it easier to write, compile and debug than other programming languages


A Platform-Independent Language

Java allows developers to run the same program on different systems as it is platform-independent at both source and binary levels. This makes it ideal for designing World Wide Web software as it can be moved easily from one computer system to another. 


Object-Oriented Language

Being an object-oriented language, Java allows developers the flexibility to reuse objects and group data and functions into a single unit. This enhances security as the grouped data cannot be accessed by anyone outside the organization. It also helps better understand the larger modules by organizing them into smaller ones. 


A Secure Language

Java mitigates security risks by eliminating the concept of “pointer” since it stores the memory address and can be a point for unauthorized access to memory. Also, its security manager allows defining access rules for each application, thus making the application more secure.


Java Is Multithread

Developers can maximize CPU utilization with Java by allowing multiple threads to run at the same time, with one thread being the smallest unit of a process. These threads, though run independently, share a common memory area and enhance the application's performance.


Stable Language

A new version with advanced features can be released very quickly with Java thus making it a stable, secure and easy-to-scale language. 


A Distributed Language

As a distributed language, Java allows developers to integrate the mechanism for sharing data and programs among multiple computers. Thus, improving system performance.

To build scalable commercial-grade software solutions seamlessly

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