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Picture a customized medical plan curated to suit your body, its functionality and adaptability, or a hospital with fully automated paperless operations. With technology touching upon almost all facets of every industry, the need for digitalization in the healthcare sector is evident. And with how fast the shift is happening, these technological possibilities will be a reality in the near future. 


To an outsider, the healthcare sector might just stay limited to the services offered directly by the practitioner to the patient. But it is more complicated than that. It is an industry consisting of numerous intertwined operations and administrations performing complex functions.

It takes an expert from within the industry to decipher the need for digital transformation in healthcare. Comprehensive digitalization implies a modification of every part of the industry, from agile administration to efficient communication to automated functionality.

A few things like having mobile applications or sharing digital copies and documents, etc. have become common practices across different areas of the world. Many such small things have been well integrated into healthcare as well. But, digital healthcare solutions differ from region to region across the globe.

Based on how technologically forward and resourceful a country is, the understanding of the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare changes. The need for one can be an opportunity for another.

Currently, there has been a talk about integrating AI/ML into healthcare at a much deeper level for an efficient care system and data-intensive analytics for accurate prediction of probable health issues along with relevant precautionary measures.

To assist these digital upgradations of healthcare infrastructure, and better plan, manage and deploy them, healthcare experts are partnering with AWS consulting services. Cloud service is a technology that has already created a huge impact in the IT industry by augmenting its functioning and is now making its way toward healthcare.

Being a data-intensive industry, digital transformation in healthcare requires meticulous planning and thorough research along with expert tech assistance. This is where cloud solutions come into play which if integrated adeptly, will improve operational efficiency.

Today, clinicians can leverage contemporary AWS healthcare solutions curated specifically to meet the needs of this vast industry.  

AWS in Healthcare

Augmenting operations while ensuring that the privacy of the patient is maintained is a healthcare provider’s top priority. This is why, they look for only high-quality, reliable services to upgrade their infrastructure.  

With AWS, healthcare providers can collect, store and process data from a multitude of resources both at the institutional and global levels. This gives them easy access to important reports or issues and simplifies collaboration with other experts.

Not just that, with the primary focus being on security and ensuring the privacy of the patient, AWS makes sure that the solutions offered are not just scalable but also secure. Automating and streamlining mundane tasks like appointment setup, check-up reminders, bed allocations and inventory management, etc. can be seen as the first step towards a futuristic healthcare system.

Managing, interpreting and analyzing large data sets to provide smart medical plans from treatment to medications will change the whole look of how medical procedures happen presently. Other than that various other cloud solutions can be integrated such as online telehealth services, AI/ML-powered diagnosis, and agile interoperability to deliver better patient care. 

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Stories of Successful Integration of AWS Healthcare Solutions

AWS is powering the healthcare industry towards a digitally advanced future with its scalable, secure and cost-effective solutions. It offers numerous solutions tailored to facilitate different domains of the whole healthcare industry.

You can connect with AWS consulting services to avail comprehensive AWS solutions and utilize the benefits of this latest technology. It is not limited to just healthcare institutions, but, even the health tech, genomics, life science, medical devices producing services, and many more can experience the advantages of cloud-integrated digital transformation in healthcare with AWS.

There are many actual cases of successful industry-specific implementation of AWS which can be seen as the key of assurance for others to unlock the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare. 

Case Study 1 - AiCure’s AWS-Powered Improved Patient Outcomes With Advanced Analytics

  • About AiCure :
    It is an advanced data analytics company that has enabled patients to receive clinical treatments remotely with efficient patient behavior monitoring. It is globally recognized and has been working with global clients across 30 countries.
  • Challenge :
    Providing online telehealth services requires real-time insights into patient engagement and symptom assessment to have meaningful data to work with in the first place. This is needed to get a holistic view of a patient’s illness for proper diagnosis followed by formulating the perfect treatment plans.
  • Solutions :
    Using a microservices-driven architecture with a variety of Amazon Web Services to collect all the data (including images, videos, audio, texts, etc.) shared by patients for receiving data-driven results.

    This will help the healthcare provider in augmenting the timeline of the patient’s treatment journey remotely through regular engagement and assessments. This includes measuring digital biomarkers and real-time monitoring of the patient.
  • Benefits :
    Partnering with AWS consulting services allowed them to leverage its flexibility, authenticity, scalability and security when developing AiCure. The microservice-driven architecture allows it to focus on regularly updating its core AI technologies. 

    After moving the whole system to AWS-based architecture, AiCure has been able to handle enormous amounts of data, including 600,000 videos, 180 million image frames, 600,000 dosing events, and 17,000 intervention events from 30 countries. All of this without compromising on the performance. 
  • Services Used:
    Amazon API Gateway - For efficiently connecting patient’s smartphones and backend architecture
    AWS Step Functions and AWS Batch - To improve AI models and run batch computing workloads on the cloud
    AWS Lambda - Used to create an audit trail for enhanced traceability across the system by generating metadata for each execution of the AI pipeline. This is the key to maintaining HIPAA compliance.
    Amazon Cognito, AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) - For enhancing security by efficient authentication.
    Amazon S3 - To provide scalable and reliable storage solutions. 

Case Study 2 - Multiply Labs’ AWS-Based ML Solution for Enabling Personalized Medicine

  • About Multiply Labs:
    It is a company based in San Francisco, California that facilitated digital transformation in healthcare by manufacturing personalized medicines specifically curated for an individual’s unique needs and requirements. Currently engaging with customers on a global level, Multiply Labs sets the perfect example of utilizing up-to-the-minute technology for revolutionizing medicine.
  • Challenges:
    Their medicine scenario involves patients having multiple prescriptions for different medical issues based on a general idea of common symptoms.  To change this, modern technologies have come up with the concept of personalized medicine where a single prescription is designed to cater to the medical need of the individual.

    While the company incorporated robotic manufacturing to augment the production of individually sized medicines, there was an evident need for automated processes for streamlined scaling of the business. 

    And to solve that, they got in touch with AWS consulting services. The main challenge was to take the whole system from traditional paperwork to a centralized cloud-based platform.
  • Solutions:
    The first step was moving the robotic software environment to AWS and benefiting from the multitude of services offered by it. Various services like AWS RoboMaker and  Amazon CloudWatch to automate code deployment and record all the units manufactured per batch were incorporated.

    With digital transformation services, their record-keeping enabled the company to organize them based on the work done by certain robots or users to whom the medication is prescribed. This made the whole process of record keeping, maintaining, and reviewing streamlined.
  • Benefits:
    The benefits of AWS healthcare services were very clearly visible in this case, automated manufacturing and record-keeping made a huge impact. By efficiently reducing the time taken, it also allowed the company to handle multiple batches at once. This helped them regulate their workloads and augment functioning.

    The regulated workflow further augmented the production of personalized medicines. Assigning the tasks to every robot got streamlined by connecting them with AWS RoboMaker. From transporting to weighing to sorting out the capsules, there is a dedicated machine for every task involved.

    With this, Multiply Labs was able to meet the increasing demand of customers on a global level and give them real-time updates easily.
  • Services Used:
    AWS RoboMaker - To augment the manufacturing process and handle complex issues like packing, delivering, monitoring, etc.
    AWS CodeDeploy - For automating software deployment to a variety of computing services across all the on-premise servers.
    AWS CodePipeline - A service that automates the release pipelines for fast and efficient infrastructure updates.
    Amazon DynamoDB - A reliable data storage solution. 

Case Study 3 - GPNow’s Humanitarian Effort to Provide Online Telehealth Services in Ukraine With AWS

  • About GPNow:
    GPNow is a telehealth platform built on AWS to provide online medical assistance to those in need regardless of where they are located. Founded by Robert Hickens, it is a company based in Australia essentially providing free online medical care to vulnerable communities in Australia, Indonesia, and  Malaysia. During the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, Hickens connected with AWS consulting services to develop a telehealth solution for war victims.
  • Challenges:
    While Hicken wanted to actively and immediately build a solution for helping the victims, he knew that it needed a strong technological framework backing it up. It was essential to scale the platform, comply with EU data regulations, maintain user privacy, and protect it from potential cyber-attacks. To solve all these problems at once, they went for AWS solutions.
  • Solutions:
    Hickens wanted to design a patient-centric architecture with special regulatory requirements specific to Ukraine. With their local language and regulations, it was easier for patients to connect with specialists to receive online medical care remotely.  

    With the assistance of AWS consulting services, they were able to build a scalable, flexible, and easy-to-manage solution. So the team could focus on further expansion and provide care to as many people as they can.  
  • Benefits :
    The GPNow platform was finally launched in Ukraine after a thorough development and testing process.  With it, more than 5000 Ukrainian patients were able to receive medical assistance in the tough times. It also enabled nearly 100 doctors to continue practicing while they were in the war zone.

    It was a humanitarian effort initiated by Hickens and powered by AWS, that helped many people get the assistance they needed when in-person assistance was not feasible.
  • Services Used:
    Amazon GuardDuty - To make sure that the platform is secure for users to share their information
    AWS Disaster Preparedness and Response - AWS disaster response action team allows users to focus on mission-critical functions. It also allows the implementation of required deployable infrastructure by transporting hardware to the base of operations. 
    AWS Professional Services - It is a global team of experts that helps the client understand how they can achieve desired business outcomes with AWS Cloud. 

Benefits of Incorporating AWS Consulting Services in Healthcare

The current scenario of digital transformation in healthcare is about taking the whole system both internal and external online. Incorporating Cloud services has now become a necessity to streamline and smoothen overall operations.  

This is altering and reinventing the way practitioners collaborate and make decisions. It has also opened up the opportunity for medical experts to go for precision medicines and thereby reap the benefits of customized treatment plans and reduced costs.

The introduction of AWS in the industry has been, by far, one of the biggest benefits of digital transformation in healthcare. With its specifically tailored services, the advantages of AWS are manifold in the healthcare industry, to name a few:

  • Enhanced Data Security - AWS makes it easy to develop a secure and reliable cloud infrastructure for your organization. It offers more than 130 HIPAA-eligible services for building scalable and reliable solutions that also comply with medical regulations.  
  • Easily Scalable Infrastructure - The flexibility offered by AWS allows your digital infrastructure to grow with your business. From task automation to efficient storage solutions can be implemented to free up resources and focus on other crucial tasks.
  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions - The healthcare industry involves massive amounts of data from various sources. AWS gives an advanced analysis using this data with the help of AI/ML solutions which practitioners can utilize for devising the ideal treatment plan for that particular patient.
  • Innovative and Quick Solutions - Extensive network of industry experts provide AWS-based software services for fully-functional, cutting-edge solutions with on-time delivery.
  • Improved Patient Experience -  A dedicated team of experienced professionals determined to build solutions that can optimize healthcare operations with their contemporary solutions for enhancing the customer experience.

AWS is the leading cloud service provider across an array of industries and domains. Its comprehensive network of experts makes it easy to implement and maintain modern digital solutions as well.

The AWS consulting companies list encompasses a diverse range of firms, each distinguished by its unique expertise, industry focus, and service offerings. From cloud architecture design and implementation to migration, optimization, and ongoing management, these companies serve as trusted partners for businesses navigating the complexities of AWS. 

Packed with a variety of tools and features to comply with the networking, security, and management requirements, it can guarantee scalable, secure, and easy-to-manage cloud solutions.

With the digitalization of the healthcare industry at an unmatchable pace, it is essential that the patient experience is maintained while maintaining their privacy and confidentiality. So to fully leverage the benefits of digital transformation in healthcare and get expert solutions, connecting AWS service providers will be profitable in the longer run. 

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