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The event industry is evolving fast, bringing both excitement and challenges. With technology advancing rapidly, organizing events has become more thrilling yet demanding.

According to the studies, the event apps market is expected to increase from US$ 1,374.84 billion in 2023 to US$ 5,186.97 billion by 2033. The market is likely to thrive at a 14.2% CAGR from 2023 to 2033.

Today, event planners like you are constantly seeking ways to make events memorable and efficient. Moreover, it has created a dire need for mobile app solutions to tighten time management, event ticketing, marketing, inventories, and multiple analytics for event planners.

Sensing this, the tech trends in the event management and planning industry focus on blending reality with the virtual.

The latest trends in event planning involve leveraging new technologies like virtual reality, big data, and artificial intelligence to create immersive experiences for attendees.

Take big deep breaths folks!
There are other important trends in the event industry to boot.

Right from crowdsourcing, pop-up venues to adding a local flavor/experience to the event, and personalization in event assistance is now the topmost priority in the roll call for the event planners.

All these metamorphisms have made the event industry re-evaluate live monitoring, event security, and audience engagement in the event.

The organizers also need to give more love to the virtual attendees not participating in the event as if they were a part of the event in actuality.

This has made the startups as well as the existing event enterprises come up with extraordinary on-demand app services for the event organizers.

There’s no doubt the digital experts are matching up with the quest to create an impactful and personalized online experience for the event organizers as well as the event attendees.

From the point, the eventgoers register till the moment they give the post-event ratings, the event managers make the real-time decisions for the better.

It’s essential to take a closer look at the successful examples of event planning apps, especially for event planners who aim to be industry innovators.

Let's delve deeper into some of the best examples of event-planning apps that are setting the standard in the industry:

1. Eventzilla


Eventzilla, a robust event management and registration software, offers comprehensive solutions for organizers to engage attendees before, during, and after events.

Its extensive features make Eventzilla stand out among event planning apps, offering organizers the flexibility to manage fees and customize event experiences.

Here's a closer look at what Eventzilla brings to the table:

Unique Selling Point

Organizers can choose to pass credit card processing fees or service charges to attendees or absorb them, providing flexibility in fee management.


Eventzilla enables easy listing, tracking, and selling of online tickets and event registrations for events of any scale, from small gatherings to large conferences.

Eventful features

  • The rapid development of responsive event websites.
  • Ability to clone existing event websites for recurring or similar events.
  • Resale of canceled or unused event tickets.
  • Personalized access codes for private events.
  • Customization options for survey questionnaires.
  • Early bird registration discounts with personalized discount codes.
  • Online and offline payment collection capabilities.
  • Integration of event ticket widgets on websites, social media platforms, or blogs.
  • Management of recurring events and event inventories/orders.
  • Creation of personalized name badges for event attendees.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Eventzilla is a top choice for event organizers seeking efficient event management solutions.

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2. Whova


Whova, an intelligent online platform, revolutionizes event organizing by prioritizing time efficiency and enhancing audience engagement.

Here's a breakdown of Whova's standout features:

Unique Selling Point

Whova focuses on enhancing attendee interaction and streamlining event management, making it a valuable asset for organizers.


Whova provides customized mobile event apps, personalized event management tools, and web app development services to optimize event experiences. With advanced technology for event marketing, Whova ensures seamless planning and promotion for successful events.

Wow Features

  • Gamification options to make events more interactive.
  • Multi-track agenda and session management capabilities.
  • Interactive event maps for easy navigation.
  • App customization to align with event branding.
  • Community engagement tools, including Q&A sessions, carpooling, and social activities.
  • Smart attendee profiles and business card sharing/scanning functionalities.
  • Tools for offline networking opportunities.
  • Prominent event sponsor highlighting and advertising options.

With its focus on personalized features and intuitive event tracking systems, Whova stands out as a top choice for event organizers seeking to elevate their event experiences.

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3. Cvent


Cvent is an online destination with upfront solutions for event planners and event managers to directly connect with the audience in mass.

The event cloud of Cvent 
It provides cloud app solutions for event organizers and event marketers. The technology used in the event software is focused on online event registration, event marketing, onsite solutions, and audience engagement.

The event planning products of Cvent
The suite of products offered by Cvent simplifies event planning and management along with adding a meaningful purpose to the events.

The hospitality cloud of Cvent
Cvent offers a strong platform for venues and hotels to get valid leads and grow their business.

Here, the travel & hospitality, and venue businesses can directly deal with the travel buyers and serve them hospitality services through the Cvent portal.

Unique Selling Point

Cvent develops different event software solutions personalized for every business partner involved with the event.

This online destination not only offers different software solutions like other examples of event planning apps but also designs advanced features with more intricate detailing to simplify the app functionality for its users.


Event Managers:
Cvent provides the platform to manage the entire event right from venue sourcing, and workflow management to custom dashboards and post-event analytics.

This variety of app features for event managers has helped Cvent to lead the competition amongst the other examples of event planning apps.

For event planners:
The event planning tools are custom-designed for third-party planners, corporates, Fortune 500 companies, luxury planners, enterprise planners, and occasional event planners.
This platform caters to the event planning prerequisites for meetings, conferences, onsite solutions, travel events, room block management, corporate events, and event survey solutions.

For the venue businesses:
The venue sourcing platform of Cvent helps businesses to get leads, market the venues, and decide the competitors targeted for every order placed.

For the third-party or B2B event businesses:
To promote the advertisement for the event planners using the Cvent digital channel.

Eventful features

  • Event rebranding
  • Video Ads
  • Security for event payment processing
  • Speaker and exhibitor management
  • Email marketing
  • Profile and contact manager
  • Contact search, import, export and merge
  • Live polling

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4. Eventsquid


Eventsquid offers event software creation that automates registrations, attendee communication, exhibitor sales, and other personalized tools for event promoters and managers.

As compared to the other examples of event planning apps, the sort of app features that Eventsquid has reflects their prime focus is to make the event planning and designing much more simplified for the event managers.

Unique Selling Point

  • The Eventsquid has designing tools to space out the events. The users can click and buy space maps for any event. One can upload a complete floor plan by adding the static components onto the digital canvas to create a self-serve event space reservation system for the event attendees.
  • The event organizers can also integrate the payment system with the event spaces much more easily.
  • The speaker registration feature helps the first-time registration of the speaker to get saved in the app library. The event organizer can then easily add the speaker for any event they want and the listeners can even download the file and rate the speaker.
  • Eventsquid has a unique feature of Volunteer sign-ups who are free-willed to help in managing the events.

Features as powerful as a squid

  • Easy customization of event app features and design on the Eventsquid platform.
  • Control over registration access with customizable permissions.
  • The simplified registration process for single, group, minor, or third-party attendees.
  • Custom options for prompts, payment, pricing, and donations.
  • Budget creator tool for adding or removing event costs and revenue elements.
  • Tablet kiosks for attendee self-service of event details.
  • Dashboard with a sortable and searchable list of event attendees.

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5. Eventbrite


Eventbrite is a global platform to find, attend, create, and share events. The app provides all the required tools to fuel the passion of event organizers and refine the live experience for the event attendees.

Right from pop-up dinners, music festivals, conferences, marathons, photography classes, and rallies to gaming events, Eventbrite is a strong podium for live event experiences that the audience will love.

Unique Selling Point

  • Eventbrite adopts peer-to-peer technology that provides easy ticket purchasing and effortlessly discovering events.
  • Another strong USP of Eventbrite is the real-time event monitoring by its Trust and Safety team which is proactive in supervising the offensive content on the app and evaluating the reports.


  • This online platform is specially developed for hosting events, discovering new events, and also finding career opportunities in the event industry.
  • The app is all about leveling the event marketing and pouring up event organizing across the globe.
  • Eventbrite provides solutions for boosting sales of event tickets all online, to increase audience participation, event marketing and management tools for the organizers.
  • The event technology used in the app overcomes the vital challenges of planning, producing, and promoting events with reduced overhead costs for the event managers.
  • Above all, it also costs zero to provide free tickets to the event attendees. 

Brite features

Creative event listing page:
It has built-in designing tools to craft a beautiful event page with an appealing look and feel that can enhance the way the event organizer can create brand awareness.

Develop a custom branded website:
This feature allows EventBrite to design and build an event planning and organizing web platform for clients. The best part is, that the app provides customization on the payment processor, support, and analytics.

Top ranking on the leading search engine:
Eventbrite also offers Search Engine Optimization for the event management websites built for the clients.

API integrations for the audience connect:
This feature helps the event organizers to integrate the APIs of different payment processors, social media tools, and other online management services into their event website to sell the event tickets and be social.

Event tool-kits offered

  • Easy and smooth mobile ticket scanner
  • Hire staff for the event
  • Custom options for printed tickets and lock up orders
  • Provide mobile box office tech kits and RFID gates on rent

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6. ThunderTix


ThunderTix is an easy-to-use all-in-one event ticketing platform.

It proves to be the apt platform for event managers and marketers to perform event admissions, sell tickets online and at the box office, reserve sitting, e-gift Cards, and donations along with reaching out to unlimited users.

Unique Selling Point

Thundertix makes it much easier to understand the app functionality and also simplifies using the application. This has been its winning USP to strongly compete amongst other examples of event planning apps.

Also accessing the easy-to-follow instructions through the video tutorials offered by ThunderTix avoids the hassle of training for the event staff and floor crew to use the ticketing platform.


ThunderTix is a simplified online solution for event promotion and marketing, venue management, and event ticketing with on-demand customer services.

It is apt for the event businesses involved in theatres, performing arts, guided tours, live music events, travel events, annual festivals, non-profit events, trade shows, conferences, dance events, and sports festivals.

A thunderclap of event ticketing features

  • Customer database management
  • Promo codes and coupons
  • Automated Emails
  • Giftcards
  • Google Analytics
  • Ad conversion tracking
  • Barcode ticket scanning
  • Post-event surveys
  • Merchandise sales

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7. Bizzabo


Bizzabo’s event cloud empowers event planners to adopt the latest technologies for simplified and time-saving management, tracking, and hosting events the world over.

Its root aim is to plan and manage events that are more rewarding for each one involved in the event.

Unique Selling Point

The USP of Bizzabo lies in a full suit of consulting, designing, and developing a high-performance event website.

It provides a tailored software solution for the intricate needs of 21st-century modern planners and the Gen Z audience.


Developing event websites with custom features for event planning, marketing, managing, event registration & ticketing, and payment processing for the events.

Best from the made-to-order app features

  • Session registration for the event attendees to buy tickets only for specific sessions of the event.
  • Drag and drop options to add custom elements, forum, sponsor, registration, and other event options to create a personalized website for the event.
  • Ticket boost feature to allow the ones who registered to share the promo code with the users as well as the promo-sharers of the referral events.
  • Promo codes are not only for discounts to the attendees but also for tracking the event registration performance to adjust the event marketing campaign accordingly.
  • Countdown timer feature for every event.

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8. Eventmobi


The Eventmobi platform enables event planners and event organizers to deliver a more enriching, memorable, and interactive experience for the event attendees.

The functionality of Eventmobi is more simplified and convenient to use for event managers.

Unique Selling Point

This platform rightly blends the technology tools that cover all the planning, managing, and engaging aspects of the event lifecycle.

The highlight of Eventmobi is its high-end customization in event apps that make it easy for both the event planners as well as the event attendees. This is the best way Eventmobi differs from other examples of event planning apps.


Eventmobi provides a hands-off approach to:

  • Hire a technical expert for event concierge
  • Full event data management
  • Event management services to -upload the content, develop, manage and update the event technology for the event organizers.
  • Event app design
  • Event app marketing
  • Free public, pre-built and custom API integrations

These services help the event organizers to constantly learn & explore events, well-systematize the event planning and deliver impactful event hosting for the guests.

Real-time event features

  • Re-styling the event app in real-time
  • One-to-one messaging, group discussion tools and activity feeds for the event attendees
  • Multi-event management
  • Create branded digital signage for an event
  • Consolidating event data
  • Personalize event registration and guest check-ins
  • Gamification for the event

Inform event details, game leaderboards, upcoming sessions, event sponsors, or other announcements through the ‘live display’ feature.

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9. Attendify


Attendify is specially to make live events go all digital. This online platform highly attends to the live event experience most trackable, customizable, and measurable for the planners and event marketers.

Amongst other examples of event planning apps, Attendify is high in demand for the user experience it gives to make the event more happening and lively.

Unique Selling Point

  • The features served in Attendify are more focused on developing deep relationships among the event organizers, sponsors, exhibitors, and event attendees.
  • Attendify uses event technologies to enhance face-to-face interactions in any event.


Like other examples of event planning apps, Attendify serves event software for event planners with easily accessible tools for deciding the feature list, content uploads, instant preview of the self-customized event app, and quick publishing on the app store.

This event app service has user-friendly dashboards with unlimited content uploads, instant alert notifications, and real-time reports.

There’s no doubt that the services of Attendify itself are becoming a differentiating factor from other examples of event planning apps.

Most attending features

  • Social network with an event-only community featuring a private event community for every event.
  • Easy lead capture by making the lead retrieval more social.
  • Customization on the sponsored post with options for cloudSync, or for selecting the group of attendees and choosing the type of post for a banner or a pop-up ad.
  • The button label for subscribing and adding a caption to the sponsored post is an add-on feature.
  • Quantify event attendees' engagement with metrics like social engagement or app adoption rate.
  • Identify and track the influencers who contribute to increasing the conversion at the event.
  • Personalize the event proceedings with custom filtration in event details, sponsors' bios, favorites, contacts, event schedule, and third-party business.

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10. Eventdex


Eventdex is an all-in-one event management platform that strongly networks the event organizers, attendees, third-party businesses, and the promoting mediums.

This online platform has the event technologies for the event planners, managers, and the sponsors to conduct a smooth workflow of the event proceedings.

Eventdex offers more comprehensive event management solutions than other examples of event planning apps.

Unique Selling Point

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based business matchmaking software enables the sourcing of attendees or third-party event businesses that ensures the highest attendee engagement and ROI for sponsors.


Eventdex offers solutions to craft beautiful event apps for event registration, onsite management, business matchmaking, event marketing, and lead retrievals. Out of other examples of event planning apps, the winning point of Eventdex is its smartly designed services for attendees and event planners.

Dexterous features

  • Customization in ticketing and registration through smart invite management, badge printing, and many more creative options.
  • Offline check-ins.
  • Partial payment options for the attendees.
  • Features for walk-in registrations.
  • Lead retrievals app that features one-tap lead scanning, schedule follow-ups, SalesForce integration, setting lead qualifications, and swift content sharing.
  • Access to the leads with the highest scores at first that the participants can meet for a business matchmaking.
  • The one-to-one speed dating feature allows the event participants or third-party event businesses to develop a personal connection with each other.
  • Group meetings before, during, and after the event allow the event organizers to assign a group table for the participants.

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When creating event planning apps, developers should focus on features like comprehensive event management tools (e.g., scheduling, budgeting), seamless integration with third-party services (e.g., ticketing, payments), communication and collaboration features (e.g., messaging, feedback), and customizable templates for flexibility. These elements ensure a user-friendly experience and efficient organization for event organizers and attendees alike.

Event planning apps handle scalability and customization by designing flexible architectures that can adapt to varying event types and user needs. They employ modular development approaches, allowing for easy addition or modification of features as requirements evolve. Additionally, these apps often offer customizable templates and workflows, empowering users to tailor the app to their specific event requirements.

Commonly used technologies and frameworks for building event-planning apps include JavaScript (Node.js) or Python for backend development, along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks like React or Angular for frontend development. Relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL are often utilized for data storage, while cloud platforms like AWS or Azure provide scalable infrastructure. Integrating with third-party APIs for functionalities like payments (e.g., Stripe), mapping (e.g., Google Maps), and event management (e.g., Eventbrite) enhances app capabilities. These technologies enable developers to create robust, scalable, and feature-rich event-planning apps.

Software development companies ensure seamless integration of event planning apps with other platforms and services by leveraging well-documented APIs for smooth communication, employing standardized data formats for compatibility, conducting rigorous testing to validate functionality, designing scalable architectures to accommodate future needs, and providing comprehensive documentation and support for developers.

Businesses looking to develop event planning apps often seek recommendations from software development companies with expertise in this niche. TRooTech stands out as a top choice, known for its proficiency in creating tailored solutions with a focus on user experience, scalability, and innovation. With a dedicated team of skilled developers and a proven track record of successful projects, TRooTech offers comprehensive app development services that meet clients' unique requirements.

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