How to Build a City Travel Guide App to Help Plan Your Next Trip


The travel and hospitality industry includes tour operators, travel consolidators, tourist boards, airlines, cruise lines, railroads, private transportation providers, car rental services, hotels, resorts, lodging, and restaurants.

Traveling to a new place is always exciting, whether you are traveling for business or leisure. But, traveling clueless about the locations and the directions can be quite exasperating, especially when you don’t know the local language.

Finding a good place that serves the food you have been planning to eat since long or, that exhibition that you have been excited to visit can end up being a dead plan if you are unable to find the exact location.

In a foreign location, sometimes you need to walk that extra mile just to fill your stomach with good food. Every Instagram pic in a new location has a story that is filled with struggles.

Of course, with the world growing mobile, you have a lot of apps that help you with your struggle in locating a decent place to eat or, check the nightlife in a new place. But, these apps come with a lot of ideas, innovation and of course groundwork. When delivering a city guide, it is not enough to work just on the location, you need to inspire that you are good with the location.

There are wholesome ingredients involved in developing the city travel guide app that will convert into a successful venture for you. Let’s have a quick look at what makes a city travel guide app, and what all ground work actually goes into its development.

The app that you need to develop should not take into consideration just the tourists, it should also support the requirements of the locals who are looking for certain places in their own city.

Here we will discuss travel essentials that will make your city travel guide app excellent for use.

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Works Well in Online & Offline Mode

What if the traveler does not get adequate signal when they are traveling or, are not connected to the WiFi when they are searching for the information? What if they want to see the information that they have checked when the internet was working, at a time when the internet is not available? Your app should take care of all these requirements, and offer both online and offline use for the app. This will allow people traveling and without internet to use the app as they want to.

Multilingual Support a Must

Whether it a local or a tourist, your app can be used by people who use multiple languages. This is the main reason why you should come with a multilingual support so that it is friendly to all the people using it, irrespective of the fact whether they speak the native language or not. English should be one of the main languages for all apps, as whether they speak a language or not, they may speak and understand English. Make sure the multilingual support does not add to your overall development cost.

Include the Best Content in your App

Content plays an important role in an app that is going to be a guide to the tourists and locals. You need to include all the relevant and important information in the app, so that it is useful to the users of the app.

The first thing that you might need to consider is the number of screens you want to develop for the app.

The main screen is the highlight of your app, and it should be both intuitive and impressive. Either you can have a map based main screen or curate latest offers and other attractions on the main screen to make it attractive.

The next item on the app development part would be the screens that you can navigate to from the main screen. You need to define what all you are planning to include in your city guide app. For instance, if you are planning on places, events, offers and attractions, then there should be a page dedicated to each of these. The navigation to and from the main screen to these pages should be easy.

Now, when you are talking about places, you need to give more details- address, map-based directions, images, description of the place and travel portal links that can help the user locate the place and delve into more details on the place.

For the data on the location, you will need to integrate appropriate APIs for travel industry. For instance, if you want to give out map based directions, you will need to integrate the Google Maps API.  Similarly, for other content you will need the relevant APIs.

With these aspects considered, you are ready to launch a successful travel guide app that will help the travelers find their way in a new place. Indeed mobile has taken tourism to the next best level possible.

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