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The rising popularity of podcasting

The Podcasts industry is all set to rumble the new era of listening tribes. As 44% of the people in the US and across Europe are turning to be ‘Podcasts Maniacs’.
The podcast episodes had approx 10 billion downloads in Apple individually in the year 2017. The ratio of the podcast listenership is tremendously growing year after year with innovations in podcast app development for both- Android apps and iOS apps.

There are titbits spreading in the US considering it as a type of a disease called a Podcasts Mania. This has even made the doctors go crazy to diagnose the symptoms of this strangely cool disease.
It was also a jaw-dropping movement for the researchers as the survey results revealed that people are loving and craving to suffer from this Podcasts Mania.

The effect of Podcast App Development can prove it to be a viral craze. Check the Storyboard.


Recently in one of the secret apartment in New York City, a multi-talented wifey of Mr Brown developed a habit to listen to podcasts on her favourite recipes during dishwashing.


Big corporates are conducting meetings as the employees have requested to increase the lunchtime because the ‘eat at the desk’ is done along with listening to the podcasts related to the Sufi Music, acoustics or spiritual speakers while spending a ‘me’ time.


On a sunny day in the month of Jan 2019 at Jones Beach, people enjoyed seeing a cute guy bursting out of laughter while listening to the satire news about ‘Smelly Cat’ on one of the podcasts app.


The Banks are still in shock as the customers are literally enjoying to wait in a bank queue simply listening to the podcasts on the political commentary and news highlights.

Podcast app development is the blessing for hobbyists

Podcast app development is also becoming a strong podium for the hobbyists to put forward their talent or people for whom coming in contact with the camera is not in their DNA.

Future is nowhere with the Podcast app development that makes the speaking and listening turn into another internet scale that too with a ‘lucrative monetizable platform’ for the entrepreneurs.



Podcast app development becomes an elephant in the room for other trending businesses

Podcasting has made many streaming industry giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime fear the most and are freakishly probing for new tandems on- How to continue being a buzzword in the global market?

Who knew that a mere time pass discovery in 2004 to promote some random stuff just by using an iPod and internet broadband will turn out to be the current hottest and contemporary business trend?

Podcast app development is becoming one of the strongest medium connecting the podcaster with the audience in mass through the earphones, the smartphone, and just a few clicks on the app. The age-old form of storytelling by speaking quietly with some whispering in the ears is emerging as a money spinner business for many crazy entrepreneurs.

Podcast is for everything you would love to listen

The big blue marble like globe senses the Podcasts adoption to get multiplied in the ratio of habituated people listening to the news, music, interviews, expert speakers or the advisers and even get training through podcasts.

People now get to listen to varied types of the podcast through apps like radiopublic, Pocket Casts, Stitcher and Castbox.

The podcast app development has created a craze which is swelling with not only the apps accessed in cell phones, laptop, iPod or tablets. With the TuneIn Radio, one can also listen to the podcasts through the Apple Watch, CarPlay, and also through the Chromecast.

This epidemic has championed the web world with not only the podcasts app development technologies for the listeners, but also the apps like Buzzsprout, Podbean, or SoundCloud help the speakers who want to create and host the podcast at different places on the web.

Today, there are numerous websites and mobile apps offering podcasts in multiple languages with multiple features for the listeners and for the podcasters.


Podcasts blossom as a high-scored market!

With such IOT based apps like Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google, and Microsoft Cortana, people now prefer to talk to their devices rather than to tap or click on a virtual or physical keyboard.

The audiences now want to listen to the fresh and rich content in their comfort zone instead of googling the content and spending hours reading it.

The smart speakers, voice assistant and especially the podcasts are revolutionizing the way of navigating the world.

Podcasts have turned out to become one of the flourishing business opportunities for the startups, investors, entrepreneurs of the entertainment industry, and enterprises who are into the video and audio streaming business.



Podcast app development becomes the bumper crop for Entrepreneurs

The start of 2018 went with a bang on podcast hosting of approx 6,60,000 podcast shows and 28 million episodes.

In one of the articles by Variety showcased Apple features more than 5,00,000 active podcasts in 100+ languages in June 2018.

Approx 44% of the US audience has listened to different podcasts among which almost 80% listen to complete podcast episodes.

Approx 50% of total homes in the US are podcasts fans which comes to over 60 million homes in the US.


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The Listenership ratio:

  • 49% of people prefer to listen to podcasts at home.
  • 22% of the people prefer to listen to the podcasts while computing in a car/truck.
  • 11% of people prefer to listen to podcasts while at work
  • 3% of people prefer to listen to podcasts while walking around
  • The ratio of women listening to podcasts is 44% and that of men is 56%.


Tech Meet 2019 to discuss the ‘Podcasting Business Basics’ and ‘Podcast App Development’. The event welcomed some of the crazy entrepreneurs.
Take a detailed look at what they spoke!

Podcast app development completely depends on the type of business the entrepreneur wants to initiate. Does their business idea aims to have,

  • A podcast platform privately for the radio station or a playback singing studio or for a particular group of listening tribe
  • A podcast platform solely for the listeners
  • A platform for the podcast creators
  • A marketplace for both- the listener and the speaker.

There also exists some other bigger fishes to fry to develop an on-demand podcast app for the targeted audience.

To corner the market, it’s necessary to understand the basic and some of the advanced features of the podcast app.

Some of the best apps become the magic of podcast app development!

  • Pocket Casts (iOS and Android)
  • Overcast (iOS)
  • Podcast Addict (Android)
  • Castro 2 (iOS)
  • Spotify (Android and iOS)
  • Stitcher (iOS and Android)
  • Podbean (Android and iOS)
  • Player FM (Android)
  • BeyondPod (Android)
  • Downcast (iOS)
  • DoggCatcher (Android)



Know More

What listeners are looking for in podcast app?


Streaming or Downloading podcasts

The listeners should be able to download the podcast to their iPod, on iPhone or Android phone, on Apple watch or any other device through which the app can be accessed (as per the supported Operating Systems).
Depending on the type of podcast app services offered, the listeners should also be able to enjoy audio streaming on the app.

Top picks

This feature should straightaway offer quick search options for the user based on their interest to listen to the comedy, finance, business, sports, news, technology, science, crime or kids.

The purpose-specific or interest-specific search makes it easy for the listeners to get what they want with a single tap on the app.

New uploads

Sometimes the active users only want to see the new podcasts that are uploaded on the app.
The ‘New Uploads’ should help active users to instantly listen to the new series or new episodes with great ease.


‘Notification’ is one of the features that offers high-end personalization to app users. The user should be able to ‘on’ or ‘off’ varied types and medium of podcast notifications. So that the users can enjoy the flexibility to receive notifications through emails, text message or as a dashboard pop-up. Or even a personalization to choose which type of notifications they would like to receive:

  • New podcasts uploaded
  • New events
  • Subscription plan renewals
  • Updates on specific speaker podcasts they are following on the app

Follow podcasters

A one-tap ‘Follow’ option helps the listener to stay connected to the new releases of the podcaster they love to listen frequently.

More the followers of the podcast, more are the chances to get a good response for the next podcast release.


– Jorden Harbinger

Auto-resume podcasts

In case the user runs short of time to finish listening to a particular podcast, the auto-resume podcast feature will start from where the user left to hear that podcast when they are next active on the app.

List of ‘Top 25 Podcasts’

The top 25 podcasts should be listed on the user dashboard making it easy for the users to avoid searching for the latest podcasts on the app.

All they have to do is, open the app and click on the ‘top 25 podcasts’. The latest list of podcasts gets shuffled daily based on the podcast ratings given by the users.

Live podcasts

The users who like to listen to the live shows, live music or live concerts or even live interviews or live news should be able to get the refined search results for exactly what they are looking for on the app.

Independent podcasts

Well! The user interface of this feature helps the user to listen to the independent podcasters like:

  • Particular radio station
  • A relationship adviser
  • An individual hobbyist
  • A motivational talk show
  • Individual training instructions

Independent podcasts on the app rightly navigate and also occupies a quality space for the listeners with specific interest to listen exactly what they want on the app.

Search a speaker

If the user follows the specific speaker, ‘Search a speaker’ helps them to directly land on the list of podcasts of the selected speaker.

This feature provides one-tap search solutions for the user to spend less time searching and more time listening to their preferred speaker.

Connect to other podcast app or radio stations

The user should be able to directly listen to the private radio stations or can directly connect to the other podcast apps. This feature creates a tough and fierce competition among the podcasters and the speakers to deliver high-quality content on the app.


The Library feature gives access to the app users to listen to the audio blogs, review app privacy, read FAQs, watch demo videos for premium features on the app, read a guide on using the app functionalities and other available resources on the app.


‘News’ proves best for the listeners to get updates about what’s upcoming on the app. It should involve the speaker success stories, current & upcoming events, advertisers analytics, and weekly news that tells all about the happenings on the app to the users.

Revealing the secret behind how the podcaster shows their talent


Set up a profile

The speaker or the podcaster simply need to deal with a normal sign-in process and create an effective profile on the app.

Tools for making an attractive ‘display name’, eye-catchy URL for their account, and uploading of creative profile image should be effortlessly featured on the app for the podcasters.

Create a Podcast

This feature should allow the user to easily create a podcast with high-tech tools to:

  • Record voice
  • Cut, copy, edit or paste the audio
  • Add sound effects like raindrops, air crash, laugh, cry, yawn, expression sounds or any other sound effects available on the app.
  • Add a background music
  • Attach a video to the podcast
  • Test, balance and enhance sound properties such as sonority, softness, voice pitch, tonality, and loudness

Host a podcast

Hosting a podcast is the best way to get new followers and reach the audience in mass. Simply setting up an RSS feed of the podcast can help to host it at many places on the web through the distribution platforms like the Stitcher, iTunes or TuneIn.

As the user subscribes to this RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) shared by the podcaster, it gives them real-time updates of each and every episode.

Live podcasts

The app should have the tools for hosting a live podcast. Like:

  • The mike
  • Personalization to activate the likes, dislikes, love or share options for the listener
  • Tools to avoid podcast buffering
  • Offline uploads and much more


– Tim Paige

Share podcast on social media

The speakers/podcasters can promote their podcast by sharing it on the social media tools like the Twiter, Facebook, Instagram or even Linkedin as made available on the app.

Promote podcast on the embedded player

The speakers can also share their soundtracks or podcast on the websites or blogs simply by copy-pasting the embedded code on the preferred website or a blog page to promote their podcast.

Reposting the podcast

This feature allows the speaker to re-post any podcast that inspires them in order to even make the followers listen to it too. This also increases the possibilities that the fanbase and artists can also re-post that podcast and add-on its promotions.

Push notifications

The podcaster should get personalized options to get push notifications that too at preferred timings on their dashboard. The notifications about their podcast crossing 1000+ followers (as per the standard set by the podcaster), the notification to host a podcast as it’s been a long time the speaker has not hosted any podcasts, and other types of push notification that the podcaster wants to activate on the app.

Podcast advertising

The podcast consultants, the podcast enterprises, the podcast app developers, the podcasting device manufacturer or the seller of podcast products should be able to advertise their services or products on the app by using marketing aids services and by paying a certain advertising fee


The speaker or the podcaster should be able to fetch analytics for the:

  • Total number of followers
  • Percentage increase in new followers
  • A ratio of response received from different mediums like social media, websites, blogs or the response from a particular podcast community
  • A ratio of good and bad ratings
  • Country-wise or fanbase-wise growth analysis of the podcast
  • The overall analytics of the total podcasts hosted to date.


The podcasters have complete access to the FAQs, video and audio guide for:

  • How to create and host a podcast?
  • How to make an effective profile?
  • How to choose the right distribution platforms for your podcast?
  • What subscription plan proves best for using specific podcasting app services?

Upcoming extraordinary features for the listeners and speakers

Share podcast privately

In case if the podcaster wishes to share it with a particular fanbase before sharing it with the public, this feature allows creating a secret link to auto-share the podcast privately with a selected exclusive group.

Timed comments

This feature should help the podcaster to be more interactive with the audience. The followers can easily communicate and comment on a particular podcast or on their favourite speaker. For which, the speaker can give a striking reply to initiate the conversation with the fanbase.


Show off a sneak-peak to the upcoming releases or present a catalogue of the playlist to contextualize new podcasts.

The Trailer gives a taste of the new release or a new series of podcasts and makes the followers repost it in their feeds. This helps the podcaster to get more discovered and accessible to the audience in mass.

Broadcast listeners feedback

The podcaster can also broadcast (cross-podcast) the best feedback that they received from the listeners. This will help to create a brand personality for the speaker, podcasters, hobbyist or a radio station individually.

One-touch record and distribute

The speaker should be able to easily record the podcast and distribute it with a single tap on the app. It should allow the podcaster to record with friends, to add music from Spotify or Apple and even record voice messages. Many editings, adding and deleting can be done with the drag and drop modules on the app.

Donate for a podcast
This feature should allow the listeners or the fanbase to support a speaker or the podcast show through donating. The app should have tools for the users to easily pay donations through cash, credit card, debit card or through other payment processors as made available on the app.


Add or Upload audio content file from the iCloud

This feature should allow the podcasters to add and upload the audio contents from the iCloud or any file storage apps.

Sideload the podcasts to other apps

The podcast platform should offer the ‘audio file share extension’ to access that podcast in other music apps, files apps or the iCloud Drive.

Clickable timestamps

For a few favourite podcasts that the user listens to, this feature should be able to provide content of just a few topics that the user cares about with also allowing them to share that podcasts at specific timestamps.


Podcast app development helps the entrepreneurs to relish the fruits

The market scenario is such that the listeners and speakers have now become very well accustomed to the podcasts.

Podcasting tenders to the on-demand needs of people exactly as per what they want, when they want and how they want to listen to the content.

Also, there exists a tough competition among the podcast producers to provide quality content in podcasts they create and host.

And yes, the Ad Revenue through the podcast app also helps the entrepreneurs to invest more in providing rich quality contents to the users.


Podcast app development offers fun with profit

There is a wide spectrum through which an entrepreneur can monetize their podcast app.

The entrepreneur can offer the best packages for beginners, for podcasting multiple shows, for the brands, for video podcasting, and many other packages.

These packages can be designed based on the parameters like,

  • Validity
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • File type supporting
  • Using a domain
  • Building an email list
  • Including the website

Charging an Advertising Fee on the app is also a lucrative means of earning revenue for the app owner.

How podcast will change the future of “us”

  • As the stats show that a lot of podcasts have listened inside the car, many new car versions will have an in-built internet connection and a podcast download format.
  • The smartphones will be equipped with a separate Podcast button.
  • The voice assistants like Alexa, Google or Siri will have easy to access podcast features in the near future.
  • Podcasting will be the prime focus of the advertisers to confidently invest in the podcast app and fetch targeted ROI. Podcasts are soon going to be one of the strong marketing tools that will give a real win on investments, especially for the branded podcasts.

Podcast Ad revenue study for the year of 2018-19

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