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Definite Reasons How Online Food Ordering Mobile App Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you ask me my reason – after a long day at work, I’d rather prefer to be in my Pajamas, order food online, and munch something over a web series waiting for my food rather than to dress up, drive during peak traffic hours, and wait for my food to arrive at my table.

I believe a majority of your targeted audience would agree to my note, but then why should you believe me?

.1) Because I have got reasons. ✖

.2) I have got good reasons. ✖

.3)I have got good reasons that you should definitely consider if you want your restaurant to be up with the trends and evolve out of its current version.✔

Definite Reasons Why You Immediately Need an Online Food Ordering Mobile App for your Restaurant

Your Restaurant Will Earn Extra Revenue


Let me tell you something you don’t know, or even if you know, you have got no choice but to read

Customers tend to spend more through an online food ordering mobile app than in restaurant.

Why? You ask.

Because they have ample of time to think over and make a decision. Another could be, ordering online saves them from the sneaky eyes over their choice of food from the corner tables and this allows them go all foodie. A clear reason could be that your customers won’t have the waiters hovering over their heads to get the order done, giving them all the time in the world to decide a satisfactory meal.

I understand for the later than late hours you can ultimately save up on management and extra staffing.

Whatever the actual reason is out of these, you are ultimately opening a completely new and assured revenue door for your restaurant, so it is anyways beneficial (PERIOD).

Increase in the Accessibility of Your Restaurant Business


Time for another fact which you might know but do not exhaust-

A person checks his mobile phone every 5–10 minutes.

So how is this linked to my restaurant business?

See, if you have a mobile application with good user interface and user experience which the users have already downloaded, you have more possibilities to reach out to them directly through push notifications, offers, appealing foodography, contests, and all that your smart marketing team can think of.

This can even let you invade into their personal space, know their location, and strategize a personalized marketing plan to increase their RFM (recency, frequency, and money spending capacity) in either way – online ordering or physical visit.

Secret Tip: Get them to login with their Facebook accounts on your restaurant’s online food ordering mobile app and you can know their preferences, choices, and you can target them with this data mined.

Direct sale + retention instances + customer satisfaction altogether buddy!

A Big Boost to Word of Mouth Marketing

If you ask me, I can sit all day bragging about the word of mouth marketing strategy and so will your marketing team.

And why not?

You get to reach to your customers through social networking and referral programs which gives businesses a way to make a reach to the otherwise fading source of potential prospects.

But exactly how can you create a word of mouth marketing campaign work?

It is simple with online reviews and ratings. For all the restaurant websites and mobile applications that we have developed, we have made sure to place the reviews and ratings such that the user does not skip the page and spare a moment to rate his overall experience.

So make sure to get your review and rating page developed in such a manner that your customers cannot ignore it and yet does not feel a compulsion out of it.

The same thing goes for your restaurant app as well, request your loyal customers to rate the app in the Play Store and App store which will ultimately magnify your brand image.

Aligned Processes and Management

Don’t you want your chef to try on a new cuisine or a dish and make it the official dish of your restaurant?

But who got the time?

With a dedicated online food ordering mobile app, you will get enough time if not more to tickle that creative nerves.

You will be able to handle more number of orders an hour as you will not be physically interrupted to take the customer’s order and engage in pleasantries with them. If at all you are relying on pen and paper to take the orders, you will see a considerable amount saved with the help of e-vouchers and invoices.

With the digital menu, people will be able to access your entire menu, can customize it if provided, and can engage more with your restaurant.

Your team will get enough time to deliver quality as they don’t have to look after the customer and introduce innovation in the functioning of your restaurant. Also, there will be no scope left for the listening mistakes or menu errors.

Need another reason? You will see your team’s productivity hiking up and your own online food ordering mobile app will make sense to you in a long run of time.

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Your Restaurant Will Be Able to Up-sell, Cross-sell, and Create More Sales Opportunities

What do you do when you estimated that you will be able to sale n number of cakes on Christmas, but you did not manage to reach your target? What about the materials and the cakes already prepared?

Let me sneak you out of this with a backdoor.

You can always sell it at a discounted rate with your mobile application or you can combine a meal with the sales prominent aspect and offer a deal.

It is your domain to play with the food and combine with your marketing endeavors and you will be able to cross sell like hot cakes. (Pun intended)

Same strategy you can apply to your special dish and wrap it up by providing loyalty cards or reward points.

Other Significant Benefits

Preparing for that special occasion?

With the help of your intuition, developed online food ordering mobile app, you will be able to retain your loyal customers more effectively. Make extensive use of the user notification and the loyalty programs.

Brace yourself and get your offerings before a month or so to penetrate deeper into your user base. When you take your business on mobile, you will be able to track your business more closely. You will be able to specifically target your customers when you allow them to sign up to your application with the help of the social media accounts.

I am smarter than you are, I will get my restaurant listed on Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy, and you name it any… Hey Wait!!!

I am damn sure, if you are an insightful restaurateur one question would have definitely popped into your mind – If there is already Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy, FoodPanda, and you name it, why do I spend additionally on developing an application?

Because it is worth it.

Agreed, you will get food orders, your sale will be boosted, but along with it will rise the competition.

Because Out There is a Lot of Competition

It would be nothing different than it is to be discovered organically in the search engine results when you compete using your website. Of course, here you will be competing with just hundreds or in the odd hour with some tens, but still you are racing to the top of the search results and filters.

Your SEO strategy has to be strong there, your call to actions have to be very powerful there, your foodography has to be out of the world there and still there is no reliable technique that the customer will choose you and not the other restaurant.

Because You and Your Contenders Think in the Same Language


Tell me something, what are your plans for special occasions?

New cuisines?

Offers, discounts, reward points?

Extended Menu?

Even your contenders are planning for the same. When listed under these online food ordering directories, the user will see deals and discounts in every damn outlet. Chances are they would not even give your tab a glance, unless you are a strong-old player in the game of restaurants.

If you really have to make your restaurant turn out differently, then a dedicated mobile app is your way to go.

Because Your Business is Your Business and Nobody Else’s


Because your business is the result of your painstaking efforts and nobody else deserves a share out of it, NOBODY!

A third party can team up with you, but cannot be tamed to have the same loyalty as your colleagues.

When you register with the online food ordering directories, you pay the listing fee. If not listing fee, you pay the per order fee. Some of the directories even ask you to pay both the types of fees.

When they see your restaurant struggling to be in the search results, they recommend you to pay the featuring fees to stay at the top. Given, all these types of fees, but there is no reliability that you will be able to convert the prospects and make sales.

On a flip side, if you have got your restaurant’s own online food ordering mobile app, it saves you a third party commission.

Although, setting up a fleet of delivery boys is not an easy task. But then business isn’t so easy and you have to put in your everything, at least start with your app.

Convincing enough? Want To Build An Online Food Ordering Mobile App? We are here to help you, just fill out the form and we will provide you with the information you need.

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