The Success story of Netflix is an inspiring tale for many young entrepreneur. Bringing a peppy and energetic notion in the streaming industry, Netflix becomes a craze in the center of digital revolution.

It has got the golden codes to make the viewers browse on to the most happening content that gives a joyous bliss to their interest. Stepping on the strugglers of digital gaps, Netflix wore a crown with grace becoming a ballerina of the streaming industry.

On the top, many business troupes are also hunting for a Netflix similar app development to step on the floor of competition.

Phew! How could a DVD rental startup get fat becoming a big cheese showing a devil eye to TV networks across most of the countries.? Refer further to the Success story of Netflix

Timeline of the success story of Netflix

The baby kicks the womb


Marc Randolph and Reed Hasting were in a big dilemma of what kind of business they wanted to start. Randolph just had a focus to start a company that sells something online.

The Birth


The incident occurred with Hasting when he ended up with paying $ 40 giving back the rental movie after the due date. This gave a birth to Netflix as a DVD rental company in the year 1997 based in Scotts Valley, California.

This was the first step of the success story of Netflix



  • Having a team of 30 people and 925 movies to give it on rent, Netflix launched the webpage in the year 1998.
  • Following year was a change of payment model to the ‘Monthly Subscription’ from ‘Pay per rental’ model.
  • These two bold co-founders took a risk to start a DVD rental business when the era of VHS was on the go in the market. Taking forward their efforts, it ended up with creating a trend of DVD movies at a full fledge pace.   
  • In the earlies of 2000, Netflix did effective modifications in monetizing process. Putting an end to the single rental structure, Netflix came up with a rising business model that included unlimited rentals for a flat fee with no due dates, no shipping fees, and handling fees. The subscribers here can rent a certain number of movies based on the package. If they want to access new movies they had to return the old ones.



With DVD’s dragging the attention of the audience as one of the ruling means of entertainment, Netflix realized the significance of technology trends sensing a switch in the consumer demands. It was of no amaze the widespread use of internet tear apart the TV networks with the launch of online media streaming service by Netflix in the year 2006.



To stay abreast and upgraded with the digital technology, Netflix gave a burning competition with a step ahead to adopt the new transformation without any delays.

Netflix started increasing its online library for the subscribers with a series of superhit videos, movies, documentaries and films. Some of its agreements made it easy to quickly trek to the mountain peak.

Few in the hit list includes agreements streaming a million dollar worth movies with Starz Entertainment, Lions Gate Entertainment, MGM and Paramount Pictures in the late 2008 and following a couple of years.

The leader


Recurrently and repeatedly, Netflix touched the vertex of the content marketing and social media with a drastic big hit in every launch it made. Penetrating into the digital transformation, it initiated to produce and upload its own video series, shows, and movies all summed up to the success story of Netflix.  

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The Game Plan Behind The Success Story of Netflix

When taking the risk to produce its own content, Netflix sealed the doors of failure by adopting a sharp, smart and downright strategy.

Purchasing the canceled licenses of successful, fan-based television shows, Netflix went ahead with repurposing and reviving the old content all can be considered as the reasons of why netflix is successful.

One of the best example to divert a huge fan base to Netflix was taking over the canceled license of ‘Arrested Development’.

Instead of relying on the advertisement revenue, it focused and emphasized more on the organic content and its uniqueness. Production was solely circumscribed on the extraordinary genre, and this strategy is the key contributer in the success story of Netflix .

The Role of Application and Website in the Success Story of Netflix

The Website and mobile application have played a big part in the success story of Netflix, they have continuously improved their application for every platform like Web, Android, iOS, Roku, Playstation, XBox, Apple TV, Android TV and more in terms of stability and features, and included more and more platform to the supported device.

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The Upper Hand of Technology in the Success Story of Netflix

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Always crossed the bars with a prime focus on using every technology upgradation without a delay has played big part in Netflix success.

This opens the room for customers to control and make a choice on entertainment they want to watch as delivered in best quality.

To captivate the audience, the storytellers have advanced creative opportunities with the latest video and audio capabilities like HDR, 4K and Dolby Atmos.

At present approx ⅓ of the smart televisions use Netflix support HDR. A report from Netflix Media Center proves that the customers love it seeing the 4k content and HDR content showing a dramatic increase in their viewing hours of the content.

And this continues thrive of providing the best quality best viewing experience via technological innovation lead to the success story of Netflix

Technology is at the heart of Netflix. How come? Have a look….


Calibrated Mode 

With a single menu setting the viewers using master series of Sony Bravia TV can access the video, movie, films, documentaries, and audios on Netflix. The quality they get to experience is an accurate contrast dynamics, precise colors, and true effective motioning.

This attribute enhances the capability of Sony in image processing that offers a display mode to configure television as makers calibrate their monitor during a production.

This is developed by the device makers and Sony pictures with a support of Netflix’s team of the color tone scientists, featuring only in the Sony Bravia Master series Televisions. Netflix and Sony share a complete intentness as content creator and technology leaders in the world of studios.

Enhancing the UI experience

HDR in UI graphics is not different from HR in videos. Specifying the clear brightness, the throw of the shades and color and more luminance in the pixels.

By applying a debug feature in the App of Netflix, makes it possible to spotlight the HDR pixels on the screen. It had all that is required for an HDR image format that included color profiles, increased bit-depth, tooling help, Codec support, and others.

The list goes on with adding an ICC profile to each image natively supported by standardized tools like Adobe Photoshop on the operating systems like MacOS or Windows.

Video Multi-Method Assessment Fusion (VMAF)

VMAF is a quality metric for videos that combines the machine learning with the human vision modeling.

In 2016 Netflix featured VMAF in Github. It can seek larger differences in the scaling artifacts and the Codecs that delivers better video quality. It also strengthens the encodes to give best quality user experience.

Another plus point to apply the VMAF technology on Netflix was to get a high degree of speed optimization.

The accuracy improvement, specific viewing situation, quantifying prediction risks by bootstrapping the forecasting residuals, A/B experimentation, optimal post-processing, video analysis and much more has brought great modifications on Netflix.   


Netflix adopts a Lumen dashboarding platform that helps to define the JSON configuration files to generate a custom dashboard.

The points brought under consideration and worked through Lumen are the visualization, data sources, mappers and variables.

The main thread is made free for the user’s interaction like interacting and scrolling with the particular charts while all the data in the dashboard is busy loading.    

Media Database

The Netflix Media Database (NMDB) is a huge query data system based on the microservices of Netflix.

It helps to get a much technically deep metadata for the Netflix media assets and serving the queries using the runtime computation and lookups.

It supports the developers to fetch out amazing data-driven algorithms and ease out the task of organizing and collecting the data.  

Stream Processing Platform

Keystone Stream Processing is a platform to engineer the data-driven practice. Its core focus is on data analytics.

The Keystone Stream Processing has two services that include the Data pipeline and SPaas.

Netflix also has a reactive stream processing platform of its own called ‘Mantis’ that focuses on the operational used elements that play an important role in the Netflix ecosystem. Through these fire guns, Netflix has the pleasure to get a high-level architecture along with optimizing some of the areas of design.

Load Balancing

The increased load balancing improvements on the Netflix cloud gateway ‘Open source Zuul 2’. It acts as an open door to all the inquiries or request approaching towards the Cloud infrastructure of Netflix.

More availability, reduced errors and improved systems are what Netflix focussed and achieved by using Ribbon Load Balancer in Zuul.

It attempts to filter the blacklisted servers that have a high failure rate. The customization made to attract less traffic to the server avoiding to have an overload of requests.

Netflix has dig into the roots of technicalities and succeeded in applying an improved load balancing approach.

Production Technology

Netflix tries to blend the production with technology with one of its initiatives in recent times. Through Prodicile, it implements various effective production technology in the business model.

The effective growth in the web application of Netflix is what is kept in the kernel of the success.

Having a global presence with a lot many experts in the production team, Netflix goes a step ahead to help its users access the real-time shooting data along with a smart and user-friendly Netflix  Mobile App.

Speedy ISP (Internet Service Providers)

ISP’s have indirectly played a  big role in the success story of Netflix, it is one of the core parameters to gauge the Netflix performance. As with speedy ISP, Netflix users get to experience the better quality of the picture, less or no buffering, minor interruptions, and fast start times.

Upload Speed And Latency

The Netflix site has experienced a high rate of organic growth by getting into the roots of the speed test.

The last seven months was a high five moment for Netflix with performing more than half a million internet speed test for its users across the globe.

Through this, Netflix is now able to measure the Uploaded speed- the velocity of uploading the Netflix’s data available on a user device to the internet.

On the flip side, it also estimates the Latency- a round trip time of data to travel from user device to the server and visa versa.  

Turning more interactive

Through the concept of ‘13 Reasons Why’, Netflix takes a step ahead in turning more interactive. A discussion on various topics is initiated and welcomed like expert comments on the reasons of business problems, the right video to watch for kids and much more.

Profile makeover

You can see best-suggested videos, films or documentaries based on what you surf in Netflix. Exclusive new profile icons will be featured on the mobile, websites and TV. Netflix becomes out of ordinary to provide a unique profile personalized as per the fondness and taste of the user. Also, the bouquet of icons featuring beloved, cute and famous characters from the movies or shows on Netflix are in the mainstream.

These icons are one of soulmate, enemies or heroes and any real animation you like the most. This proved best to connect with the audience with sprighty interests. Dragging the Netflix users to create their profile in Netflix, one can personalize their icon with a Boss Baby,  Crazy Eyes, Luke Age or any of your favorite film creatures.

Smarts of downloading on Netflix     

In 2016 Netflix launched ‘The Smart Downloads’. It makes the users to stay in their comfort zone while using Netflix. Through Smart Downloads, as the users finish to watch a downloaded video, the other episode will be automatically downloaded on the app.   

The studio quality picture mastering

When we talk about a series of ‘Lost In Space’, the eyes get stuck on the visuals of a landscape, clouded snowfields, lusty forest, and other such adventurous experience.

While watching the ‘Stranger Things’, one encounters the flairs of a fantastic mistery plus real as well as familiar though otherworldly, the scaring flashes of light in the dark sky and the fine tiny details can now be visceral and noticeable.       

  • Mobile Previews

Through Mobile Previews (launched in iOS and updates soon to be in Android) helps the user to fast search something more interesting or great to watch and learn about new contents much swiftly in Netflix.

Every preview is kept in the vertical format so that the user need not turn their cell phone to watch the preview. Making it more easy for the user with the slideshow structure to go through the previews.  

How big the Netflix has grown in the present day

The Netflix Studio


Netflix studio has been the biggest highlight of the success story of Netflix, it has grown its reputation as a studio with an upsurge in the willingness of the customers that made the filmmakers take the filmiest shot getting more and more viewers.

The filmmakers Jay Duplass and Mark having a deal with Netflix speaks out ‘’ Maybe a 14 year old in the suburbs wouldn’t have spent $3 renting The Puff Chair from the Blockbuster, but clicking on it for free on Netflix garnered us a slew of viewers that wasn’t likely to come our way in the traditional movie rental model.’’  

This web video multinational sees a success headway in constantly improving the programming to hold the interest and suitability of the audience across the globe. More than 50% of the subscribers are from overseas.

The Subscribers graph from 2012 to 2018


The chart showing the success story of Netflix

Franchises And Intellectual Properties:


To give a tough competition to the studios like Disney, Netflix acquired ‘Mini Marvel’ of its own and signed a huge contract with the famous television makers like Shonda Rhimes and Ryan Murphy in the onset of 2017.

Current focus lies in the building up of franchises for the property like ‘Carmen SanDiego’ or ‘Stranger Things’.  

Overtaking the challengers


The Challengers Netflix’s Overtake
The Blockbuster’s Goliath Beats it like a David and becomes the largest video-store chain in the US.  
The cable companies Launched a unique library of the on-demand movies and TV shows available at flat and low monthly fee.
HBO giving a fiercely competitive fight Launched its own streaming services  
Cinema success Straightly sending the movies to streaming and releasing more and more movies than that of other studios.

Factors contributing to the success story of Netflix


  • Streaming
  • International Expansion
  • Profitability
  • Original Content
  • Power of Pricing
  • Fastest growing tech stocks

The Power Lies In Your Hands.

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What the Future Hold for Netflix

  • Making its library to 50% original content with a plan to increase the money spent on it to an eye startling $8 billion.  
  • Netflix focus in becoming a full fledged entertainment company to function across multiple mediums. It has started to plunge into the publishing business.  
  • A 360 degree holistic concept to trigger the market by exploiting new and famous intellectual properties with showing up the videos and films on ESPN tie-ins, theme parks, on the TV shows, participate with an interactive toy and much more.    
  • The UI having an addition of HDR to get high quality video, documentary or movie experience.
  • A robust dashboarding platform that removes the legacy elements, easily manageable dashboard, modifying the configuration editing tools and making the system extensively pluggable.
  • A fresh reviving design for Netflix TV experience making it easy for the users to quickly search and locate the video/documentary/film titles on their TV.
  • ‘My List’ feature will add value to the Netflix services that help swift access the saved titles to watch later.

Thus, the bottom line to the success story of Netflix lies in its strong online presence.

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