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Amazon is one of the largest internet company out there, anything they touch turns into gold, so is true with their video streaming business, Amazon Prime Video, though they are younger in the streaming business but they have already made the mark and is going neck to neck with older players like HBO, Netflix, and Hulu.

The Feature that attracted us the most

Amazon Prime Video is a great video streaming app, be it their collection of movies and TV shows or quality of their original content, whether it is the look and feel of the website or the stability and feature in the app, it excels in every department. But the feature that attracted us the most is the real-time scene tracking in which when you tap on a screen while playing any movie or TV shows, it will give you information about cast featured in that particular scene and facts or any other interesting thing about that scene.

Well, this feature might not be the deal breaker for many but it does have a massive impact on the overall user experience of the platform. Every platform has many such features which might look small and does not get a lot of footage, but they play a very big part in giving the ultimate user experience.

We have explored this platform and listed all the features required for Amazon Prime Video Similar App Development and presented it in form of Infographics, attached to the blog.

Video Streaming is Near Future

Video Streaming is the hottest thing in app industry these days, whether it is a user-generated content sharing platform like YouTube, Vimeo or Movies and Live TV Streaming Apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Prime Video. They are seeing some crazy growth in the number of subscribers. Netflix has around 125 Million subscribers and Amazon Prime Video has over 100 Million around the globe. Streaming business has already replaced cables in many parts of the developed nation and it is growing at an even faster pace in the emerging economies.

Why Similar App Development

Many times, we encounter the question “Why Similar App Development?”, “Why Netflix Similar App?”, ” Why Prime Video Similar App Development?” and more. There is not one but many reasons why we came up with Similar App Development idea;

  • Convenience: Well, first of all, we would clarify that Netflix Similar App Development is by no means making a clone of an app. We use the name to describe the generic nature of the app. Like a video streaming app could mean user-generated content streaming app, Live TV Streaming app, Movies and TV Shows Streaming, Peer to Peer Video Streaming and many more. So, it can be difficult for a nontechnical person with a business idea to convey it to us. That is why we have associated generic nature of an app to few of the most popular apps in the industry. This is similar like people generally associating Xerox with photocopy, or Powerpoint or PPT for presentation slides. It becomes convenient to understand and convey the message
  • Adopting trend: Again, we have to understand the difference between adopting an Idea and cloning an app. With similar app development, we extensively research different platforms, how it has evolved and analyze the pros and cons of the platform, compare it with different platforms and understand why it is so popular. After which we present the report of our study in front of you, so you can decide what feature to include and what to exclude. Again learning from others experience is neither legally nor morally wrong by any means. In fact, the entire human evolution is based on learning and adding theory. Sometime it will be seen as innovation and sometimes as a copy but either way it is a very important factor for the faster growth of society. Adding a few new things to an existing app is better than starting from scratch and repeating everything that has already been done.

Looking for Prime Video Similar App Development?

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Netflix Similar App Development

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