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Technology is gradually transforming every arena of your life, starting with how you wake up to how you live longer. Your food habits, fitness habits and even your lifestyle habits are being controlled by technology. A lot of you tend to rely on technology to perform menial tasks that otherwise would take a longer time. Productivity has been enhanced with technology-oriented solutions.

There has been advancement in the technology-oriented solutions offered in a wide range of industries, especially healthcare. The healthcare industry has transformed heavily, offering value and immediate relief to the end users. Mobility solutions are making significant changes in the way a hospital functions or, in the way the different verticals within healthcare collaborate and communicate to come up with technology-oriented solutions for patient care. It has become a patient-centric service, which has taken the patient care to the next best level. Healthcare solutions are aligned to the patient needs and the goals hospital aim to achieve. Solutions have been devised to streamline the different healthcare operations, engage the patients and empower the healthcare practices to induce affordability and increase operational efficiency. The mobile apps are cost-effective and offer convenience when it comes to managing the staff.

Mobile app is indeed the best technology-oriented solutions for the hospital. When you are developing a healthcare mobile app, you need to concentrate on the features that you should have in them. When you have an idea, you should ideally create the blueprint that will help you work on the mobile application development. When you research too much, or keep brainstorming endlessly, you miss out on the important features. List down certain features without which you cannot build the app. Here we will tell you about five such important features that every mobile app meant for hospitals should have. This will not only increase your value but also help you in patient care and healthcare management.

Record Accessibility

Patient’s history is a very important record for the doctors. Many times, when treating a patient the history plays a pivotal role. In some cases, the treatment is prolonged and the treatment keeps changing. This is why the records should be maintained to the perfection so that when a new provider takes over they are on the same page as the one who was previously treating you. In the past, papers and huge files helped maintain the records and manage them. Finding details from this huge pile could be taxing, and ther is a possibility that you might not find the data at the right moment. That’s why you should have a records management feature in your mobile app that keeps an account of the history and manages all the documents in a single place. The app should be able to store and offer accessibility in a secure fashion. This will help the doctors verify the history and start the requisite treatment.

Assigning Duties Made Easy

There are generally a large number of physicians, surgeons and nurses involved in patient-care. They are assigned particular wards and patients. During emergency, the duties are interchanged and managed such that the critical situation are handled. Accessing real-time information about the doctors and what they are currently assigned with becomes difficult in a manual scenario. The healthcare mobile apps  should include a feature with good UI design that makes assigning doctors, wards or nurses easy. This will help build operational efficiency, and streamline the entire process. You can even know where the staff is at the moment, and the duty they are performing.

Operations & Workflow

There are huge data and other assets that are require to be managed on a daily basis such as inventory stock (medicines, injections, instruments, stretchers etc.) along with documents, patient files etc. The hospital needs to manage these assets in the best possible manner, keeping a tab of the inventory so that the workflow is streamlined and the operations are conducted at their pace. In the past, the hospitals had to keep an account of the inventory manually. But, times have changed! You need to have a stock management feature in your app, which will help you get access to real-time information on your inventory. This eases the whole task, and makes assigning the work easier.

Easy to Locate Physicians

You should have the feature of “book an appointment” with the choice physician as part of your mobile app. This will make it easy for the patient to access the physician, browse through their profile, before booking an appointment with them. They would have an idea on which physician is most suited for their health condition.

Hospital Locator

A hospital app should come with a GPS locator that will help the user find their way to the hospital. In case of emergency, the person driving need not go through the process of asking people the way to the hospital. A good GPS integrated to the app will help you locate the hospital and make your way.

With these five features introduced to your mobile app, you can easily benefit patient care, and streamline the various processes within the hospital.

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