Comparison of the Uber and Airbnb App Models: Choose Any For Your Startup


What Uber is to Taxi, Airbnb is to Accommodation. Let’s have Comparison of the uber vs airbnb app models.

These companies represent a new trend in the types of business that investors prefer.

Leaders of more traditional companies are left wondering why these upstarts merit such high valuations – Are they more profitable?- Do they see faster growth? – Do they have higher return on assets and lower marginal costs?

Our answer is yes – to all of the above.

The Uber and Airbnb businesses are the most disruptive business in their niche without even owning the most basically needed resources – Uber, the largest network with cab services own no taxi of its own and Airbnb, the largest chain of accommodations own no houses, castles, farm-houses, or amenities of its own.

This is what called a smart business ~ Have nothing yet earn like anything!

For the laymen who are new to the industry and yet are shooting to make a star of their startups by commemorating uber vs airbnb app models have to have the knowledge of what the basic difference is between the them

Let’s See the Comparison of Uber Vs Airbnb App Models


Uber: On-Demand Economy

Airbnb: Rental Business Model

01 Demand and Supply

The demand is created and on the basis of demand, the supply is made

The listings are made and then the demand is aggregated

02 Surge

Higher the demand for the service, higher price can be drawn for the supply.

Even if the demand is high for a listing, hosts do not hold the power to cash in more amount.

03 Revenue Model

The most suitable revenue possibility is the commission model from the service charger which is paid by the customer.

The commission model is suitable for the vacation rental business which can be charger in the form of service charge from the guests.

04 Contact Masking

There is not a compulsion to mask contact details since the service providers are chosen on the basis of their proximity.

The prospect view the listing and can directly contact the hosts. Contact masking is a compulsion.

05 Target Audience Analysis

The service providers can make analysis about the higher demand using heat maps and can target that area with customers.

Host can do data-analysis about the higher demanded vacation month or year so they can target those days with customers.

06 Mobile or Website

Mobile devices can be handy and so are preferred for the on-demand services. Make sure to decide the iOS and Android on the basis of demographics and device usage.

While renting service, photographs and amenities associated with it are to be closely examined, Website is a must other than mobile app.

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07 Service Provider Flexibility

The Service providers are flexible to work. The can choose to work full-time, part-time or at any hour they wish to.

The hosts can list out the dates when they want to rent their services and hence can make a flexible earning out of it.

08 Scalable Services

The customers can select to choose for the premium services and pay more for the extra services.

The Guests can select or make booking for the additional amenities and thus, can pay more for additional luxury services.

09 Affordable to All Classes

The on-demand economy model is such that it can target all the categories of people with their affordable services.

The rental services are in itself cheaper than owning them and so can be afforded by any category and class of people.

10 Niches to Target

1. Logistics and transportation

2. Local and home services

3. Healthcare

4. Food and Grocery

5. Beauty and wellness

6. Travel and accommodation

1. Travel and Tourism

2. Meal Hosting and Booking

3. Hotel and Restaurant Reservation

4. Vacation Rental Platforms

5. Activity Booking Websites

6. Drop Shipment Booking Website

7. Event Booking

Take-Home Message

No longer small start-ups, Uber vs Airbnb app models become household names and inspiration to the new startups be it any niche. Hope you can now know what business model to aim for your niche.

Still have doubt about the proper planning of the business?


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