Wellness and Fitness Technology in 2020: From Evolution to Revolution


It is the time of the year to celebrate the birth of Christ with lots of cakes and wines, only to get on the weighing scale, the next week. The time to resolve to be as fit as Ryan Gosling, James Danton, and Silene Oliveira can never be better than the last week of the year.

Now that I am thinking, I feel, there has already been a lot of consciousness about fitness since March’20; not the resolution one, but the actual one. Coronavirus did lead to a paradigm shift in terms of fitness goals. And mind you, there were actual hurdles to go out and stay fit.

Gym-goers were stranded at their homes during the lockdown. Individuals, swearing by the power of running for their fitness, had to jog in a confined space in their corridors and lobbies. The fitness and wellness industry could have suffered from the existential crisis if not for the wellness and fitness technology in 2020.

As always, entrepreneurs and startups identified the underlying problem to make a business out of the solution–that’s what the wellness and fitness industry in 2020 is all about.

With several app launches, customer acquisition, new demography, expansion, and every other resort to go big, wellness and fitness technology have never had a better year than 2020.

Previously, we covered the best of all times for the edtech, entertainment, and healthcare industries. Somewhere during the mid-2020, we identified the profitable industries scrambling forward in 2020. In this chapter, you will find how technology in 2020 kept the innovation going to catapult the higher and higher leap of the wellness and fitness industry in 2020.


There is very high potential seen in wellness & fitness industry during this hard time.

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Wellness and Fitness Technology in 2020: End for the Better?

The wellness and fitness technology in 2020 has evolved dramatically during the year. The industry has leveraged technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT technology, and more to the optimum to provide a distinguished experience to the users.

Top Features of the Wellness and Fitness Technology in 2020 that have found high resonance with the audience include:

  • Live workout sessions
  • Calorie counters
  • Step counters
  • Personalized meditation plans
  • Daily streaks
  • Sleep trackers

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the year 2020 has turned people more fitness conscious than they ever were. As a result, they are looking at any opportunity to stay fit and healthy. While the demand for dietary supplements have increased, the year also witnessed a spike in the number of app downloads.

The foundation has already been laid. The behaviour of consumers have already shifted from the offline fitness and wellness centres to the online ones. All that remains is the further advancement of the wellness and fitness technology in 2020 (all that’s remaining) and in the coming years.

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