2020's Review of Entertainment Technology


Has 2020 been a black year?

For health, yes.

For wealth, maybe.

However, some aspects of the entertainment industry defy the impact of COVID-19 and the industry stands shining bright. This is in lights with the technology.

Since smartphones became the only resort for people to stay entertained at home, entertainment servers made sure that they always had their customers’ plates full at all times. Let’s take a review of entertainment technology for the year 2020.

Alexander became the Greatest Source of Lockdown Escapism

For the zone-outers that pick up a book only to escape into the land of the unknown, Cameron Lamb unveiled Alexander, a story-telling mobile app. The app is a step up from the traditional audio and video platforms that tells a story in the form of a short film and an audiobook.

What’s more?

The entertainment app, in turn, holds the added advantage of an all-star cast to give readers ( now visualizers) a glimpse of the real characters in a better light.

Well, the three-in-one app is certainly the next big thing in the 2020 for the entertainment industry and beyond.

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2020 Brought Some Real-Virtual Shop-tertainment

Love shopping?
Love entertainment?
If the answer to both of these is a fierce yes, you are in for a delight.

Google’s experimental app, Shoploop, was launched to create a perfect blend create a perfect blend of shopping and entertainment for users. Users can now scroll through the available 90-second videos to explore new products and resonate with them to turn up the notch of the shopping experience.

Our review of entertainment technology shows that though currently restricted to the makeup and beauty niche, we, for sure know that eCommerce owners have their eyes set on the new trend.

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Instagram Reels Launch Shook the Internet World

TikTok brought about a drastic change in the way videos are consumed by users. It has got everything a video streaming app should have got. Within a short span of time, TikTok was all over the smartphones and took credits for a majority of digital times of individuals.

Realizing the paradigm shift in the users’ video consumption patterns, Instagram found a new haven for revenue in the form of Instagram Reels.

Well, you are on Instagram Reels already!

TikTok’s widespread popularity engendered Reels, which allows users to create short videos of 15-second length.

That’s it?

No, according to our review of entertainment technology, the usual Instagram offering of filters and effects stays, which portends that video-recording has never been more fun.

Shushed Opinion: Short videos are found to have a high engagement rate, leading to high revenue prospects in the 2020 for the entertainment industry.

Score Points, Not Corona

Facebook ensured that you can be an anti-social in person but not anti-social on social media. Since lockdown has had us all hooked on the social media platforms, Facebook milked the opportunity to the maximum.

Facebook launched a Facebook Gaming mobile app to help people watch live games that their social media friends are playing. It is no surprise that it is the video gaming that glued people to Facebook back then when it was launched. Once again, it is set to cash in on the opportunity and capitalize on video gaming.

Well, Facebook is leaving no stones unturned in consuming the digital hours of individuals. That’s the right approach to flourish in the digital app industry, as per our review of entertainment technology.

Recommendation Taken Seriously

Remember the times when you watched an interesting web series or a movie and couldn’t wait to tell the world about it? Well, you are heard well by Bingie.

Bingie was launched on the App Store for users this year, encouraging word-of-mouth recommendations about various online content. Besides this, it unlocks a platform for debates and discussions about the good, worse, better, and the best features of the movies and web series.

Why are recommendation-based social media apps the new default in the smartphones of consumers?

Answer: Because all of them are experts in the content they consume and have an opinion to share with their friends and families. 2020 for the entertainment industry  has been all about the consumers, which eventually happened to be about the bottom line of business owners.

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Twitter Heard the Silent Plea of Marketers

As the old saying goes, Time is money, the success of digital marketers and even of individuals depend significantly on the time they share their posts on social media platforms.

While there have already been numerous schedulers for social media posts, Twitter rolling the scheduled Tweet feature in March was nothing less than convenience in itself.

The feature allows users to schedule their tweets in a timeframe between six months and a year. Another convenience is the ‘save a draft’ feature that Twitter launched for confused users, wishing to roll out the perfect tweet for their audience.

In addition, Twitter has also turned developer-centric by enabling a feature that helps them learn about the users’ sentiment about the COVID-19 for the use of the data set.

Our review of entertainment technology says that social media is going crazy with all the new features.

Social media is going crazy with all the new features.

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Let’s Catch Up for a Movie

I am sure, we have been waiting out guts to catch up on a movie with our friends and families. However, lockdown and the fear of catching the virus have had an unfailing impression on our minds.

And here we are, all in our individual dens, binge-watching movies after movies, and then discussing with our friends over a call or a chat.

But Netflix had some different plans.

So did Disney Plus.

So did Amazon Prime Video.

All these on-demand video platforms came up with the party feature, allowing users to stream the same content on various devices for users to have a virtual movie-watching experience.

Well, 2020 for the entertainment industry hasn’t been so bad.

These platforms are doing their on-demand video streaming business right–that’s what we found in our review of entertainment technology for 2020.

These platforms are doing their on-demand video streaming business right.

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What’s in the Bag for Video Creators?

As much as users love Amazon Prime and Netflix, they can’t still get over YouTube, the king of all video streaming applications. While COVID-19 has been among the most surfed terms, 2020 for the entertainment industry has even seen a boom in the influencer’s vicinity.

YouTube has seen it all– The different recipes of Dalgona, the no-makeup makeup look tutorials, the spoofs of Money Heist, and more. Thanks to the video creators on YouTube, who are making the most out of the platform and improving their views.

To further facilitate the video creators, YouTube came up with four features–Know when Audience is Online, Reviewing of Inappropriate Comments, Scheduling of Community Posts, and Video Chapters.

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Skip the App Hopping with Messenger

You may not have run errands during the lockdown, but you would have certainly run miles from the Instagram DMs to Facebook Messenger and vice versa.

The app-hopping indeed takes a lot of time that you could have invested in a good meme or a movie. Well, Facebook introduced Messenger with cross-platform messaging ability for users to message on Facebook & Instagram along with exciting chat features in September.

Given our incisive insight from the review of entertainment technology, privacy is the key to hold during the development of such a cross-platform feature. We know it because we are done and dusted with the development of security features.

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Want to Lead a Real Life in Lockdown? ComplexCon Lets you Do So

Lockdown left us all stranded at our individual places. We used to eat alone, drink alone, enjoy alone, work alone, shop alone, and sleep, only to repeat the feat the next day, and the one after that in the same loop.

However, all credits to ComplexCon for disrupting this mundane loop with a real-virtual experience of a video game. Instead of an in-person festival in Long Beach, the brand developed a video game, encouraging users to shop, enjoy performances, watch talk shows, and order food from the nearby eateries.

The social experience is difficult to put into the virtual space. However, nothing’s difficult as 2020 for the entertainment industry has been a game-changing year, as per our review of entertainment technology. If ComplexCon can run a business, so can you. We can be your development partners.

We can be your Development Partners.

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YouTube Music Took Over the Charm of the Google Play Music Store


As compared to the standards of Google, Google Play Music Store was a blurred vision of the company. Well, it didn’t attract much traction, so as per the legacy of Google to do the best, it launched YouTube Music to win what’s lost.

According to our review of entertainment technology, YouTube itself is home to the Music app, which means users will not have to download a separate app and spare an additional space. In addition, YouTube announced a feature, wherein users can also upload their songs to the YouTube Music library from their own devices.

Grapevine has it that the premium users will be able to play the music in the background even after closing the app.

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HBO Max Maxed Out on the COVID-19 Opportunities


It is a known fact that even when the theatres resume their operations, the initial months on the box office would be nothing less than a disaster, as the fear of getting infected would persist.

In such a case, there has been a shift in the users’ entertainment consumption pattern, away from the theatres to video-streaming apps. To further ensure the safety of users, HBO Max announced that it would allow users to view new movies on the same day as the theatre-release from the app at no extra cost.

Clearly, the on-demand video-streaming applications are the fresh revolution most review of entertainment technology.

Holiday Season Made More Fun

The holiday season is around the corner. Seems like, we need to switch the traditional church-going ritual to online meets and listen to the carols online instead of singing it along with the choir members.

Well, no need to frown at the visual. Living Popups announced a free augmented app of storytelling that helps resolve the dilemma for parents of toddlers and kids, wanting to go out for a treat.

The educationally-supportive dimension further adds value to the holiday fun for the kids.

The blend of edTech and entertainment is a rare sight in 2020 for the entertainment industry. However, augmented reality can make it possible, and we know it for sure from the review of entertainment technology that we have taken.

Let’s Communicate Better

Of course, we do miss the in-person communication with our dear ones. However, WhatsApp has never failed to entice us with its ability to keep us glued on the platform.

The pandemic may be bad for the in-person meet, but the virtual communication was turned more interesting through features such as custom wallpapers, sticker search engines, and sticker packs.

In the future, dependency on virtual communication apps would only increase. Today, WhatsApp is the leader in 2020 for the entertainment industry in general and chat niche in particular, but you can be the next disruptor in the chat app industry.

All-in-one Demography for the OTT Apps


Today’s OTT apps are intended at blurring the geographical boundaries to accommodate users of all the age groups. On similar lines, Lions Gate launched in India to explore the benefits of a wide pool of audience.

In addition, the penetration of Smart TV has further broadened demand for OTT services such as NBC, Netflix, Disney, NFL, and more. Parental control and kids section in the OTT platforms have further enabled parents to stay assured about the content their kids are viewing.

Saying that the OTT platforms are the next theatres won’t be an exaggeration, especially given the unique features that are on the horizon.

Key Takeaway: 2020’s Review of Entertainment Technology

Definitely, 2020 for the entertainment industry has been fuelled by technology. After all, acquisition of new subscribers, launches in new geographies, increased revenue, and business ease doesn’t add up to the perceived gloom that 2020 held.

That’s it from our review of entertainment technology.

All that’s remaining to say is that technology can turn any situation for the better; you need the right software development team for it.

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