6 App Ideas for Distributors of Multiple Industries & Niches


As digitization is touching almost all the fields, businesses or areas, there often arises a point when people are looking for help from the digital world to make their task easy in any possible manner, reduce their costs, or even eliminate manual processes to the greatest extent.

We are in constant effort to aid you with such technological advancements with our virgin app concepts campaign and guess what you can explore our virgin app ideas here.

This time we’ve got app ideas for distributors spread over various markets and goods. The sole purpose behind envisioning this idea was to ease out the work for the distributors who are burdened in managing the stocks and need a change from this mundane task.

Another factor led to this idea was to save resources, time and cost that is currently being spent on the process of stock management and order. Also the investment made in hiring and paying salesmen can be utilized effectively elsewhere.

One of the main question that you might be brooding on is where can this idea be applied, the niches, businesses or the areas. Yes this one is especially for the discussion on the market segmentation of distributors, but before that I guess you should get air cleared about this virgin app idea.

Without a further ado, let’s binge in the sea to explore the niches and areas among which the market of distributors is segmented.

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1) Distributors in Fashion Industry Have The Dire Need

This niche has proved to be one of the fastest emerging niches among the other commercial niches, that too with an exponential increase in the number of sellers and distributors with passing time.

If we categorize this niche further than we can get a plethora of sub categories, to name a few,

  • Apparels
  • Footwear
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Watches & wearables
  • Jewelry
  • Optical and fashion wear

One thing common among all of these categories is that there needs to be a constant watch on the number of items of each of this in stock, basically inventory management.


The owing to the more number of distributors in this market mobile app can ease their task, say for any store owner, the task is divided in following phases,

Management of quantities in hand

Management of quantities to be ordered

Selection of vendor

Lastly payments & invoice generation and management.

And this app does all these tasks by a click instead of use of man power, in accordance with the number of apparels or any of the items left in stock.

These numbers can even lead to prediction of the current fashion trends and on that basis the distributors can approach vendors for more stock of the trending apparels or items, through the same application which displays their inventory.

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2) Distributors Supplying Electronics Just Can’t Manage Without an App


Now in App Ideas for Distributors comes the electronics and digital goods market, this market entices distributors with alluring profits and margins, so this one scores second position when it comes to the distributors take.


If we go in depth in this market then we can observe a huge variety of products that fall under this category, viz. mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop, television, refrigerators, home appliances, accessories and parts of all the electronic goods.

In here the tasks that are going to be digitized by the application for the distributors are,

Managing electronics and other goods inventory

Determine needs of the components based on sales.

Manage library of the products and parts of the products.

Management of damaged goods inventory.

Keeping a track on details of the manufacturers, vendors, pricing, etc.

Management of BOMs which encompasses verification of BOM against inventory/stock, identifying need for new and latest goods, and calculating the total cost for each purchase.

The distributors involved with electronics market need to steer out of the manual processes and owing to their large market share among other distributors. So effort lies in making a tailored application to carve out each and every process that is manual or is done by salesman or other staff.

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3) An App Idea for Distributors in Healthcare Industry Would Increase Precision

Healthcare is one such market in our app ideas for distributors where the need and efficiency of the stocks and equipment or medicines management is very crucially important. There can be need of any medicine or equipment at given time in large quantities, so the inventory needs to be properly maintained along with the prediction of the new medicines to be ordered.

The basic things that fall under this market are: Medicines, sterilizers, injections, saline & glucose bottles, and other equipment are required by the local pharmacists, clinics, hospitals, etc. and distributors can use an application to deal with the vital tasks.


A distributor of healthcare products mainly deals with the following tasks,

Keeping shelves stocked with medications and products needed every day.

Purchase of prescription medicines and other products directly from the manufacturers.

Monitoring the market for new medications, or products to update the current stock.

Management of the invoices and purchase lists on daily basis.

For healthcare niche the distributors act as a vital link between the manufacturers and healthcare providers to reach out to the patients or those in need of the medicines or other products.

With changes in the healthcare systems and new medications and equipment, distributors have to tip toe to every new entity and grab them to deliver it to the clients, hospitals or any layman.

4) Food & Grocery Delivery App for Distributors Would Bring Alleviation

The market that demands quick decisions and even quicker implementations is the food and grocery delivery niche. If the idea is looked upon with a layman’s view, it looks simple that only ordered food is to be delivered, but from a distributor’s eye it takes a whole lot of work.

Compare to other distributors the risks involved with this market are more and complex too, you would also agree to that won’t you.


Let’s start from the distributors work areas in this market that can be digitized and give him a tad relief in his work.

Planning and management of merchandising plans for food.

Management of billing, pricing, and order of food and groceries according to the food orders.

Keeping the most required food items or groceries in stock and refilling it on timely basis.

Be umpteen with the food requirements according to season, occasion, festivals, etc. and keep stock in that manner.

Take care of the food and grocery storage to avoid them from being spoilt or rotten.

Inventory management to remove expired/spoilt products and replace with fresh ones.

Addressing store owners, clients, restaurants, retailers and getting orders, also solving their complaints and maintain their service levels.

These and there are numerous other tasks those can be eased out with the touch of digitization and our distributors will have a big sigh of relief and satisfaction.

5) Seamless Management for Beauty & Wellness Distributors


In a small amount but much needed in today’s world where people are getting aware day by day with the latest trends and tricks of getting healthier and beautiful.

Thus the growth of this niche is for sure and the distributors are bagging a huge business by selling beauty and wellness products owing to the customer’s increasing demands.

From stockpiling of the products to judging the market and getting the right products at the right time in the right place, whether it is salon or retailer shop, distributors are all over performing these and many more tasks.


The products include daily beauty products starting from shampoo, conditioner to various beauty creams and well you the list is endless in case of the products for beauty and enhancement of the look or body.

The distributors of beauty and wellness products need to be well informed and updated about the products launched, which products are used more, or preferred more by the clients, which client is more fond of which type of products, uff, we are tired of listing, how are the distributors able to handle them.

6) Have a Look At Sports Industry’s Convenience With This Distributors App


Though this may sound as a tiny sector but let me correct you, it is not and the distributors of sports apparatus bag the advantages and money in quite a good amount!

Mainly in sports industry you can say the products that are managed and sold can be enlisted as:

  • Merchandised goods
  • Sports apparels
  • Fitness equipment & accessories
  • Equipment for each sport such as cricket, football, basketball, etc.
  • Outdoor & adventure goods
  • Trophies & awards

For these guys the stock needs to be refilled but sometimes it becomes hard to guess the trend of which product’s sale will pick up and thus they end up keeping everything in stock and keep restocking everything.


So this application really works well for these distributors who are in constant urge to keep updated stock details for smooth functioning of their business.

To name a few roles that we are going to ease out for the distributors which are increasing their load by manual attention are mentioned below.

Have knowledge of each of the goods that they are going to sell

Management of manufacturers, customers, retailers, companies, etc. accounts and orders

Sending and keeping track of the orders sent to manufactures

Preparation of budget and monthly as well as quarterly sales reports in order to gauge the business

Constant observation of the market conditions, competitor’s products, new products, prices, sales, etc.

Persistence in responding to the customer’s/client’s questions, inquiries, complaints and feedback.

Dear distributors, why don’t you try and think about going digital to avoid the turmoil and work with ease with just a click. We can provide you a complete business model of how your work can be done with ease and being laid back. (Also you save money!!)

So try quitting the humdrum manual burden

Experience a completely different way to work with ease and novelty.

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