From a unique event technology to the spurred focus on personalized event experiences, the future of event planning, and event discovery is forecasted to be dazzling than ever before.

Especially when we talk about the event technologies of most popular and unique platforms like Eventbrite.

Who knew that the simple initiative taken by a couple in 2006 to develop a ticketing app for events will become the Eventbrite technology stack that’s trendsetting.

Yes! Developed with advanced app technology, Eventbrite is a global platform for live event experiences.

This US-based event management and ticketing app have a promising tech stack to adapt with new industry trends like:

  • Information to predict future needs of attendees.
  • Gamification in event engagement.
  • Data-driven technology for prioritizing event resources.
  • Creating unique meeting environments.
  • Event apps with Bleisure-friendly modules.
  • Live Streaming facility for non-attendees.
  • Penetrating event marketing through social media tools.
  • VR technology creating real event experiences.



50 Million+

Event Attendees

3.9 Million



Event Creators






Users Traffic

Python: The Server Side Language of Eventbrite app

Python is one of the most robust programming languages used for web development (server-side), software development, system scripting, and mathematics.

This open-source programming language has held the number one position as ‘most popular coding language’.

Python code can run on a range of operating systems. And the programming paradigms swiftly supported by Python involves functional programming, procedural styles, imperative, and object-oriented programming.

One of the main reasons why Python has fond the top spot in the Eventbrite technology stack is— It is a production-based programming language best suited for enterprise and first-class projects. Yes! It can be used for almost anything which is why people call it a versatile language.

Right from building applications, developing scripts for desktop programs, handling big data, developing IoT app or configuring servers and other such IT needs. All can be done via Python.

Tech giants love Python


It’s because of its simplicity and general-purpose qualities that Python is used by top technology organizations like Google, Dropbox, IBM, Disney, Cisco, Mozilla, and many other leading companies including Eventbrite.

What benefits does the Eventbrite app have by using Python


Builds more functions with fewer lines of code

Python is known for its readability and simplified flair of language. How it reads is like kindergarten math. Python has a strong base of whitespace and common expressions which makes it a refined programming language allowing to build more functions with fewer lines of code. And as the Eventbrite app had more complicated functionalities into it, Including Python in the Eventbrite technology stack helped decrease the size of program and make it more readable with fewer lines of code.

Python is open-source

Being an open-source platform, Python is built by more than a thousand contributors around the world. All the best minds came together to make it a highly scalable, simple to learn, well designed and built with clearly defined features.

High flexibility

The flexibility of Python can be seen in it’s several implementations on other programming languages like Jython (Python integrated with Java), CPython (a Python version with C), PyObjc (Python with Objective C toolkits), RubyPython (Ruby combined with Python), and IronPython (Python compatibility with C# and .Net). So including it in th Eventbrite technology stack will help for complex expansions in Eventbrite application for integrating innovative technologies as per new tech trends in event management.

Python is resourceful

Python has an extensive library with in-built functionalities that effortlessly explains the importance of Python. On the other hand, it consists of a built-in unit tested framework to make sure all the codes work as planned. Due to these reasons, Eventbrite app development with Python provides improved process control capabilities that in turn enhances app productivity.

Python is highly capable to manage big-data

With the implementation of cloud computing and big data for enterprise solutions has helped achieve success for Python. As this programming language is swift to organize and analyze into usable data, Python is also extensively used in data science, machine learning, and AI technologies. And the chief aspect to be considered for event technology like Eventbrite app is to control and manage the big data and integrate best buzzing event technologies in the app for users.

It has amazing libraries

Python has a power pack selection of libraries. This helps to save time and speed up the initial phase of the development cycle, especially when the projects like Eventbrite app development are bigger and complex.

Some of the strong selections from the Python libraries are SciPy and NumPy for scientific computing in web development. SciKit-learn for machine learning apps and nltk for natural language processing.

Python also has a range of library-like tools for cloud media services and cross-platform solutions that acts as huge merit.

Much simpler to build IoT apps and connected devices

The trend of the Internet of Things has brought numerous opportunities for Python. Today, app developers can build world-class devices like phones, radios, cameras, and even games through Python.

Python has now made it pretty easy for developers to build connected gadgets through its advanced programming concepts.

And when it comes to best event ticketing technology, Eventbrite app was developed with an aim to expand the use of mobile app into IoT to create engagement opportunities for event attendees throughout the events.

Python is SEO-friendly

One of Python’s best frameworks, Django supports the usage of human reliable website URLs. This is not only beneficial from the user’s perspective but it’s also helpful for the search engines to rank the sites through keywords.

And! There are very fewer chances of issues between developers and the SEO team when developers use the Django framework.

Python proved best as a tech stack of Eventbrite due it’s SEO-friendliness. Yes! SEO is more critical for Eventbrite similar app development as a lot many pages are created by event organizers that account for SEO capability to surface events to relevant people.

Proves best to write software for sysadmin task management

Python is used to develop any kind of web application or software. But one thing that has proven best about Python is — it’s also used for writing software to manage sysadmin tasks. Extensions like Ansible and Salt possess dedicated system administration features in this robust programming language. These extensions complement Python’s scripting principles to develop sysadmin tasks that smoothly control everything within the operating system.

Easy and speedy to build the prototypes

In order to build a perfect prototype for Eventbrite app development, ideation process was at the core focus to develop high-performance prototype at the first go. And necessarily, the developer requires a stronger base to build functioning prototypes that can easily satisfy clients, reduce time, and save money. And That is why Python was first choice to add in the eventbrite technology stack. as it becomes easy to build new ideas and prototypes speedily.

Eventbrite Use Django on Top of Python

Django (Jango) that spells D yet starts with J is an open-source framework of Python. Django is one of the full-stack Python-based frameworks for backend web applications. For anyone going with Pyhon for a large scale application like eventbrite Django becomes a default choice to add in the technology stack.

It has its own naming system with all the components and functions that includes admin panel, it’s own web server, core architecture, HTTP libraries, middleware support and much more.

Django’s main aim is to ease out the development of data-driven and complex applications like Eventbrite. This Python framework focuses more on the pluggability & reusability of components, low coupling, rapid development, fewer codes along with following the principle of ‘don’t repeat yourself’.

Some of the well-known applications that use Django

Apps build using Django

Opportunities… Opportunities… In the Event Industries

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Comparing Django with Other Frameworks of Python

Particulars Django Flask Pyramid
About Django is aimed to build larger applications by including all the features that a complex web app requires. It’s a micro-framework to build small applications with simpler requirements. Pyramid targets for developing larger applications with advanced flexibility to use the right tools for the project.
Built-in features
  • Templating
  • routing
  • forms
  • basic database application
  • authentication

and much more

  • Debugger
  • development server
  • secured client-side sessions
  • support for unit testing.
  • Authentication
  • Routing
  • URL generation
  • Extensible configuration
  • Testing.
Launch 2006 2010 2005
Bootstrapping Django has a bootstrapping tool in-built as a part of Django-admin. Due to Falsk’s ‘Hello World’ app, there aren’t any bootstrapping tools. A developer with no experience to build web apps can get hacking instantly. Pyramid has a bootstrapping tool called ‘pcreate’. This tool creates bigger skeleton projects especially for large and complex projects than Flask.
Supported by templating language Django Templating Language Jinja2 Templating Language Chameleon Templating language

If not Python Then What?

Alternatives of base  side language that can be used to develop Eventbrite Similar App

Well, no languages are perfect, for every option you will select there will be an opportunity cost. This is one of the most important and interesting research one needs to perform before developing Event technology like Eventbrite.

So we have are giving you what we believe are the best alternatives available to you. Theses are the server-side programming language, and the suitable frameworks to develop tech stack like Eventbrite.

PHP with Laravel Framework


PHP and Laravel can be used as replacement of Python in the eventbrite technology stack

From leisure to business needs, PHP has made it easy to develop dynamic websites. This server-side scripting language has got a plethora of reasons why it can prove best to develop a tech stack like Eventbrite.

As equal to Python, PHP language can also work with fewer lines of code. It has the ability to have maximum control over the website. When you require to deal with a lot of web pages, PHP is highly reliable and scalable.

And choosing Laravel – one of the open-source PHP frameworks for web application development will be apt to build an Eventbrite similar technology.

Why Laravel framework of PHP will be highly preferred for Eventbrite Similar App Development?

Security: It has super capabilities to provide advanced level of security. Laravel framework does not allow any security threats and malware within the web app and is completely risk-free from hidden SQL injections. It safeguards your web app development code.

Performance: Laravel has unique tools that help developers to enhance your web app performance. Tools like Redis and Memcached if integrated in Laravel framework, the final product will be high-performance app technology like Eventbrite.

Powerful authentication: Laravel makes it much simpler for app developers for creating a logic that provide access to authorized users. Yes, this framework was developed with the aim to make it easy developing of authentication for web apps.

Object-oriented Libraries: Laravel comes up with excellent features in it’s object-oriented libraries. These Laravel libraries help to develop modular, responsive, and even ready-made apps like Eventbrite.

Blade Templating engine: It allows developer to apply pre-defined templates to write specific codes. These blade templates are light weight, and dynamic.

Easy database migration: The migration of database with PHP’s Laravel framework helps to smoothly and securely undo the changes made in the database. Migrations in Laravel ensures the database is maintained and created properly with no need of recreating it.

Model View Controller (MVC) Architecture: This MVC architecture has varied built-in functionalities and better documentation modules along with focusing on smooth performance of web app.

Hence, developing Eventbrite like app based on PHP programming language with it’s Laravel framework will help entrepreneur to build future-ready app, go with faster time to market, develop a multi-linguistic app, and fully scalable event technology as per the market demands.

Ruby on Rails (Ruby Language & Rails Framework)


Ruby on Rail as Alternative to Python for Eventbrite Similar Ap Development

Ruby on Rails or Ruby with rails framework is a completely object-oriented server-side web development language. This programming language is well known for building high quality and architecturally clean web applications.

Why Rails framework of Ruby programming language is also apt to develop app like Eventbrite?

Model View Controller MVC architecture: Just like PHP, the web apps built with Ruby on Rails have appropriate arrangements and clear defined divisions between the layers of routes, controllers, bounded views, and modules within the framework. It helps enhance the maintainability and testing functionalities on the web app.

Powerful coding: Just like Python, the codes written in Ruby on Rails are strong and small with fewer lines of code.

Easy syntax: Ruby on Rails is compact as it has easy syntax much like natural language.

Plug-ins: Numerous plug-ins and gems are available for developers to highly customize the web applications as per the app development trends.

Adaptability: It allows to research and explore multiple prototypes. This plays a vital role to decrease the overall coding and configuration demands to help web app adapt with integration of new features or modules.

Top Event Planning Apps

Client Side (Fron-End) Languages used in Eventbrite app development

HTML CSS JS forms the frontend base in the eventbrite technology stack

Markup Language– HTML 5


Like every other think on web Eventbrite is developed with HTML 5 as a tech stack used to define the behaviors and properties of webpage content by applying a markup-based pattern into it. It helps to give meaning and structure to web contents. For instance, defining paragraphs, data tables, heading or embedding images/videos on the web page. The capability of HTM 5 language is to make it easily readable by the app users and rightly understood by computers, devices or browsers.

CSS (Cascading Styling Sheet)


For applying style to the HTML content, CSS is a language to smoothly describe the presentation of web pages, colors, fonts, and layouts. It helps to control multiple layouts at once. Other aspects streamlined by CSS are:

  • Strong features to support website maintenance.
  • Flexible with UI approach as per web-based community standards
  • Easy to handle dynamic website templates.
  • CSS helps in the look-views and app framework styling used in small to large operations which also support to develop ecommerce web platforms and large mobile apps like Eventbrite app from the very scratch.



JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language that allows to perform complex things on web pages. Any webpage that performs more than just displaying static content for users, JavaScript is completely involved. Be it interactive maps, timely display of content updates, 2D/3D graphic animations, controlling multimedia or scrolling video jukebox.

Frameworks of JavaScript used in tech stack of Eventbrite

Javascript Framework Included in the eventbrite technology stack

React is a powerful framework of JavaScript and an all-purpose tool maintained by Facebook that allows for more smooth front end development. It is best suited for comprehensive, large, and strong tech stack like Eventbrite to build complex and interactive UI. React is frontend framework that’s SEO-friendly with great API improvements, and creates seamless mobile experiences.

If you like the user interface of Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal or Whatsapp, you might like React js too.


JQuery is a ‘write less do more’ JavaScript library that’s lightweight. Whenever there needs to extend the website or mobile app or make the app more interactive, developers rely on the JQuery functionalities. JQuery helps create an entertaining and interactive experience in the whole web. It’s main aim is to make it simpler to use JavaScript on websites.

JQuery UI

Most of the UI of java applications are built using JQuery UI. It is a unique set of design elements like widgets, effects, UI interactions, and themes developed keeping JQuery on the top.

JQuery Mobile

It is a touch optimized web framework of JQuery. This framework helps to build responsive websites and applications which are accessible on mobile, desktop devices, and tablets.

Backbone JS

This is one of the most simplified javascript frameworks. It makes pretty easy to understand the usability modules, minimizing the total flow of codes that needs to be composed for complex applications, and creates a straightforward structure of functionalities within the app. Backbone JS create single page applications with traditional web development libraries. It makes all the server-side functions to easily flow through API.

Marionette JS

This is one of the most popular frameworks for developing modular client-side javascript applications. Marionette JS simplifies the backbone application code through architectural solutions and robust views. It has features for composing rich layouts from small components, present a sorted filtered list, sharing complex UI interactions across views, and to decouple communication within the app for strong messaging system.

Libraries used by Eventbrite app development

Moment JS

MomentJS is an open source free javascript library that has date capabilities with a range of features like duration, relative time, calendar time, multiple language support and other such features. It helps tackle complex parsing, validating, and displaying of dates.

Underscore JS

It’s a javascript library that helps to deal with range of functional programming assistance without extending any of the built-in objects. UnderscoreJS has useful collection of almost 100+ functions like map, find, filter, reject, shuffle, indexBy, partition, and much more.


Modernizr is a Javascript library that easily tells you what CSS, HTML, and JavaScript features do the user’s browser needs to offer. It is a collection of superfast tests that runs as your webpage loads. And the test results are used to enhance the user experience on the app.


It is a client side templating engine for Javascript. A simple templating javascript library that one can include in a webpage just as including any other of the javascript files.

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Database Management of Eventbrite app development

Eventbrite use MySQL for Database Management. It is an Oracle backed open source relational database management system that uses SQL (Structured Query Language). MySQL can run virtually on any platform that is majorly associated with online publishing and web applications. Based on client server model, it handles all of the database commands. MySQL has capabilities to control large databases and enable data to be easily stored and accessed across multiple storage engines.

Content Management System used in Eventbrite App

Eventbrite is very active in terms of publishing and managing the content on their website. So for the content managment need they use WordPress. It is an open source CMS platform that is highly used for blogging. This CMS has features that stores contents and enables users to develop and publish web pages through nothing more than a domain and hosting service

Eventbrite use following popular plugins of WordPress

Eventbrite technology stack indicates they use Wordpress plugins like Yost SEO- W3 Total Cache - Elementor Page Builder (1)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) used in tech stack of Eventbrite

For CRM they use Saleforce. It is a cloud computing software as a service (SaaS) that specializes in providing a high-performance customer relationship management solution. It is one of the most powerful integrated CRM platform that gives one shared view of every customer to all the departments of your company. Here, businesses like Eventbrite can use cloud technology to better connect with customers and partners.

Web Servers use in development of Eventbrite

There are two main types of web servers- Nginx and Apache

Web server used by Eventbrite is Nginx

Nginx is a web server that can also be used as a load balancer, reverse proxy, mail proxy, and HTTP cache. This web server has ability to handle mass simultaneous connections with low memory footprint.

Web Hosting for Eventbrite App

Amazon ECS (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud)

It is a scalable web service that offers secured and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Making the web-scale cloud computing easier, Amazon EC2 allows to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction possible. Here, entrepreneurs can obtain and boot new instances (server) in just a few minutes as per the market demand of app services.

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Analytics & Marketing Tools used in Eventbrite app development

Google Analytics

It is a popular digital analytics software which allows you to measure your advertising ROI, visitors on your website, and other such parameters. More than that, Google analytics also helps track your uploaded videos, flash, and posts on social networking sites.

Crazy Egg

It is a website optimization tool that gives you a detailed insight of consumer behaviour on your website. By using Crazy Egg tool, one can get to know their website visitors, where visitors are navigating to, where they are coming from, and where they are getting stuck.

Facebook Domain Insights

Facebook Domain Insight is a tool that allows you to know how Facebook users interact with your uploaded content. For instance, if you publish a press release and post it on Facebook. The number of clicks, impressions, and reading on your web page will provide data to Domain Insights which is then presented to you through results in Facebook Domain Insights tool.

Google Optimize 360

It is a chargeable testing tool that natively integrates with Google analytics. Google Optimize 360 has expanded testing features that include A/B testing, running more than 100 experiments at once, more complex multivariate testing, and comprehensive audience targeting.


Optimizely is a powerful experimentation platform that allows product and marketing teams to test, know and deploy on-demand digital experiences. It has tools for web experimentation, recommendations, personalization, popularizing content, and mobile experience. This optimization is offered in the form of software as a service model.

Google Tag Manager

It is a free tool that allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your mobile apps or websites without modifying the code. For instance, information from your website is easily shared with Google Analytics through GTM.


Amplitude is a tool to set product strategies, improve user engagement, optimize conversions, and drive retention of users on the digital platform. This helps to understand users, accordingly release perfect digital experiences, and grow website or mobile app engagements.


It is a growth platform that provides multiple marketing solutions. Right from attracting more website visitors, converting your website visitors into happy customers, and seamlessly measuring the marketing impact. AdRoll helps your business grow with display ads, behavioral emails, social, and actionable insights everything in one platform.

New Relic

New Relic is a web app performance service that works in real-time with your web app or mobile app. It is a digital tool to track each change across all the entities of your application with complete clarity. New Relic provides a flexible and dynamic server monitoring service. It tracks every action from frontend to total app infrastructure.

Website Performance Enhancement


It is a full stack app stability monitoring solution. It is a powerful error monitoring and reporting software that alerts the users of the errors, bugs and much more.

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Bottom Line

Today, there is a big pool of technologies widely available to choose from when it comes to developing a full-stack event technology platform.

And, introducing something unique in ticketing app or coming up with unique personalization in event experiences is becoming the advanced way to lead the market.

This makes it significant for entrepreneurs and startups to research on technical implementations and latest tech stack of event ticketing and event management platforms like Eventbrite.

Explore more about the technology profiles of popular event planning apps like Cvent, Eventzilla, EventMobi, Conrego or MeetingPlay.

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