New Food Delivery App Concept That Literally Talks To You!


You don’t have an only choice of pizza delivery anymore to get something to eat.

A hell lot of food varieties can now be delivered to your doorsteps with this new food delivery app concept.

And that too the same time as taken in the pizza delivery.

But where most of us get stuck is in choosing from the long list of guilty pleasures to eat.

All that you get is the very many choices of restaurants and their offered cuisines that the food delivery app has to offer.

Coming up with the Virgin App Concepts, TRooTech takes a step ahead to help the hungry humans make the best choice in a flip of seconds when ordering food online.

With this, the blog talks about a completely fresh and new food delivery app concept for any startup to make a killing debut in the food industry with complete business planning and analysis.

The business idea rests in integrating a recommendation-based system on the app that will make it as easy as a pie for the app users to choose a best-suited food to order much swiftly.

It’s much essential for the startups to explore how this new food delivery app concept will help them enter the competition marathon and individualize from the rest of the leading players.

Take a look at what this new food delivery app concept is all about along with the lucrative features of the app.

New Food Delivery App Concept | TRooTech

A killing debut of a new food delivery app concept

Being an emotional element, food is chosen and ordered from the menu either because we like it or because the friends recommended us to eat.

Basically, it’s a common human tendency to opt for the highly recommended food from the offered menu.

So, it becomes easy-peasy for the customers when the best type of dish is already tried, rated and highlighted by very many guests on the app.

Taking this into account, the concept of recommendation-based food app lures the users to make a purchase.

It focuses on being a kind of a digital order taker to whom the guest ask about cuisine and it offers a list of highly recommended food related to the preferred cuisine.

This new food delivery app concept is to make the recommendation system a marketing tool in itself for the app owner.

How it makes fun to choose from the menu?

The recommendation-based food delivery app analyzes the available data to suggest food that the app user might be interested in.

Based on what the users are browsing, the recommendation system pulls out the different food items related to the selected cuisine and displays on the dashboard which the users are likely to buy.

The suggestions majorly depend on the highly rated or most recommended food on the app.

This is managed by the data filtering tools on the app that uses the algorithms and data to recommend the most related cuisine dishes to the app users.

With these features, not only in selecting the food to eat but also in maintaining the quality of mobile app services is much easier.

There is no end to the benefits of recommendation-based online food delivery app.

Let’s take a quick glance!

Future predicted precisely for online food delivery apps

  • Smart tricks to make the user buy and try a few more dishes on the menu is difficult. The recommendation-based food delivery app will make it easy.
  • This new food delivery app concept helps to raise the average ordering values on the app with ‘frequently bought together’ options, ‘cross-selling’ or ‘upselling’ techniques.

For example, Love pizza? if you order a pizza. The app will recommend you with the side dishes that go well with the pizza.

Be it a lemony vegetable salad with pepitas or spinach roasted with sizzling brown butter garnishing or a classic Caesar salad.

Based on further food categories, the app will recommend you with the drinks that go well with the ordered pizza.

Be it a smooth beer, a mint mojito or a fruit-based mocktail or a refreshing drink that blends well with eating a pizza.

What more does the app owner benefits with the personalized features of this new food delivery app concept? Let’s see!


Note these personalized features for such apps

1) Real-time dynamics – showtime of the food menu

Based on the different time zones, customer moods and demands change.

Some prefer to have just a fruit juice and boiled eggs in the morning. While some opt for a king size breakfast.

In the same way, some crave for light tummy fillers for lunch or to have a continental spread of executive lunch in the noon.
The food cravings change with the change in time zones.

The recommendation-based online food delivery app will suggest food menus based on different time zones.

With the Showtime feature, the admin can fix a time to display a specific menu on the user’s dashboards.

For instance, the admin can fix a time between 6 am to 10 am to recommend the high rated breakfast meals.

While from 11 am to 2 pm the choices of lunch spreads or tasty tummy fillers are recommended to the users on their dashboard.

For the app owner, there is a high possibility to increase the sales and order values with this type of showtime feature as it touches the right kind of customer needs at the right time.

2) Suggestions based on dietary restrictions

This feature automatically controls the diet of users and offers restaurant options for personalized food meals as per the schedule, preference, and budget of the user.

The user will get a recommendation list of diet food perfectly matching up with the related diet details added on the app.

They can select the type of diet- Be it a diet for vegetarian, paleo, vegans, ketogenic or anything.

They can also plan a meal based on the total calories for every meal. For example, 1200 calories for 4 meals in a day for a vegan.

Also, with a diet comes highly sensitive customer behavior.

Through this new food delivery app concept, implementing AI technologies help provide restaurant options for user-specific food meals.

These multiple options give the app user a feeling of effortless self-designing a diet meal much speedier.

3) Spend more hours eating and fewer hours searching

The recommendation-based new food delivery app concept concentrates on evaluating the criteria of consumers behavior on search.

It involves figuring out the purpose of performing the search and accordingly provides a bundle of personalized search results for every user on the app.

Optimizing the search is based on the factors like:

  • Type of details communicated for a search
  • The time taken to process a search
  • Amount of data required to complete the search
  • Available search filters for the app users.

With evaluating the backwaters of search features, this unique business concept provides custom solutions to every user on the app. Few of them are outlined as under:



In general cases, the food delivery app recommends the popular food items that sometimes the users might not like or prefer to have it.

With personalization featuring in the recommendation-based food delivery apps, the suggestions will be based on the last ordered meal by the user.

To illustrate, last time if I had ordered a Chinese dish, the app will recommend the choices of related Chinese dishes available at the nearby restaurants.

When the users get a list of food dishes relevant to their preferred cuisine, they will definitely enjoy selecting the dish to order.



This feature provides a search option for the novelty dishes offered by different restaurants that the users have never tried before.

The recommendation-based new food delivery app concept considers the complete past order-history of a user to provide this kind of unique personalization to perform a search.

To give you an example, a user usually prefers Thai or Italian food to order. The app will recommend him a new cuisine dish to try. Say options for Asian or Mexican dishes.

This helps to build a good rapport with the users to guide them to try something interesting to eat.

It’s as simple as a friend convincing another friend to try out a barbecue type of beef but also cottage cheese with salted toppings.

Basically, this feature is like a food buddy to rely on experimenting with new dishes and cuisines.

Other search options for online food delivery app:


When the user wants to order food online, they can get a list of search results for restaurants that have an online ordering facility with home delivery services.

This helps them get a personalized filtration to search and surf only the restaurants that serve you the ordered food at your location.

Discounts tab:


It’s not that the users mostly make a cuisine-based search, location-based or other types of searches.

Some of the users also have a clear way to look for offers, discounts and promo codes available for food ordering online. Based on that they decide on what to order to eat.

This feature helps the users on the app to directly land on the search results showing food offers and discount coupons provided by the restaurants.

Such type of personalized feature in new food delivery app concept can cover all types of food requirements of customers with keeping their budget at the nucleus.

4) Advance table reservation options


Consumers today opt for the technological sophistication that delivers quick restaurant services.

The recommendation-based online food delivery app focuses on the consumer’s behavior towards waiting time in restaurants.

When customers directly visit the restaurant, they have to wait to book a dining table.

Especially during the peak hours of restaurants that have almost all the table occupied. It proves time-consuming for the users to wait for their turn and enjoy meals.

This feature will provide a unique personalization for the users who want to reserve a dining table in advance.

By clicking into the table reservation options, the users will get to see only the list of restaurants that have online table booking facilities for customers.

All the required details relating to booking a table will be asked to the users to show the table availability in the app.

Details pertaining to date and time to book a table, the number of people for which the table needs to be reserved and specific comments to be added for extra facilities needed if any will be systematically asked the users.

This will help the users to avoid waiting to book a table as well as help the restaurant managers to tackle with the table management much smoother.

Through such types of apps, the staff can also have accuracy in order taking without any errors in the ordering process and tackling with a lot of customers to provide them zero waiting time in the restaurants.
The best part is, they can reduce the employment cost along with a capable data collection system.

Furthermore, this feature makes it possible to focus on sales map through upselling the food items with high involvement of the users in ordering food.

This proves to be the best feature of the app which can be extensively useful during the peak time of restaurants to get more customers and to earn more revenue for the restaurant.

5) Notification preferences

This feature of online food delivery app can help offer the users with better notification options.

It learns to make the users comfortable to decide on which notifications to receive through which medium of communication.

As we talk of updating the customers on newly launched food dishes or new restaurants opened nearby or even notify on the food items related to the different time zones.

The ‘notification preferences’ provides custom options for the users.

Whether the user wants to get notifications? Yay or Nay? If they want to get notifications, in which form do they find it feasible to get notified?

Do they want notifications to be sent through an email, a text message or a push notification on the user’s dashboard?

All these options provide personalization to the users making them sense privacy in getting informed.

On the other hand, the AI technologies are coming up with self-learning tools to decide about what type of notifications the users will click through and get involved in.

This will add on to the level of personalization on the recommendation-based online food delivery app.

6) Favorite restaurant tabs

This is far more than just giving reviews and ratings for the restaurant or a food dish.

The app will use the previous searches, reviews and AI to come up with a score.

It involves scrutinizing various parameters based on the user’s preferences for food, restaurants they have been to, and whether they have rated the food or a restaurant on the app.

These parameters help AI in app development to track the preference patterns of the users that change over time.

Accordingly, it highlights the favorite restaurant tabs on the particular restaurants that score high on parameters.

These favorite restaurant tabs get updated at particular intervals on the app.

Through this feature, the new food delivery app concept gives a double dose on developing trust for recommendations provided on the app as well as the trust for the app services among the users.

7) Geofencing


A predefined digital boundary set for a particular purpose is what is geofencing all about.

There are many benefits of having a geofencing feature on the recommendation-based online food delivery app development.

A customer while entering the geofenced zone can instantly get notifications on the best-recommended restaurants in that location.

Also, the delivery boy can get help in real-time navigating the exact location to deliver the food order on time.

It also proves best for the users to track the status of food order much easier.

As a whole, it solely depends on the requirements of the app owner and the level of personalization they want in their food delivery app to:

  • Recommend food items
  • Notify on available offers
  • Inform the users on the new restaurants open in their location and much more.

With Love for Innovation

No doubt, the recommendation-based new food delivery app concept focuses on providing high-end personalization to the app users.

But it doesn’t ignore the importance to have simplified functioning on the app. This is what’s vital to keep under sincere consideration as parallel to these personalized features on the app.

Accordingly, the app concept consists of the basic general features to make it more user-friendly for the customers on the app.

Some of which are the smooth payment process, e-Wallets, reward programs, GPS, and Chatbox to name a few.

These general app features will help the app to gradually grow into a personalized community of foodies keeping them highly engaged and frequently coming back on the app.

To have an optimum blend of personalized features and general basic features on the app as per the business concept calls for a highly essential expert consulting.

The tech geeks of TRooTech are at your service to provide expert consultation on the recommendation-based food ordering and delivery apps.

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