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The fashion industry is flourishing at an exponential rate and to match up with the current trends of marketing it is necessary to be coeval with the marketing tactics of the present hour. Be it a trendy new website or a fashion marketplace app, it’s raining trends and couture.

When any new idea is foreseen in our minds, there are a lot of questions, doubts, ambiguity and assumptions that can turn out to be false even. So here, there’s an effort to clear one of your doubts, features that you need to put together to come up with an awe amazing online fashion marketplace app.

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Let’s stick to our agenda to go through the features you need in your bags to go for the trip of fashion marketplace app development.

What Are The Major Features of an Online Fashion Marketplace App?

Basic Features


These features are the ones that are the first to climb the ladder in your minds when you imagine an online fashion marketplace app. But still let’s refresh your list in case you missed out on any of the basics.




Aiding users with the sign in/ sign up options with mail-id, phone numbers or any of the pre-defined social networking accounts. Keep it easy, quick and elementary.

Item listing


Item listing needs to be concise in every possible way, there should not be unnecessary categories or redundant listing, and it can cause an erratic vibe in the user’s way. There should be a crisp listing of categories and sub-categories so that it becomes easy for the user to find their desired product.



Of course, how can this be missed, it is one of the mandatory features for every e-commerce portal and we add it here too. There can be a list of filters, but mostly a few are common that are enlisted below.

Social media sharing


It has become a fundamental right of today’s user base to share something instantly of social media as soon as they find it interesting (in a positive/ negative way). So why don’t we jump into the stream and assist them with sharing.

Search option


Again, a big nod for this one, user get an instant repose when they see the search button, as they no longer have to browse through a plethora of options, filters & categories. An on-site search button is a must!!

Size guides


Developing an application for fashion products, this feature will top the list of must have features, as no user would buy clothes without the size guides owing to size differences brand wise and country wise.

Buy button


Place a buy button, add to cart or view cart button on each of the screens, this can make the task of instantly buying or viewing the cart for a user and eliminates long processes. It can even be counted as a strategy to increase the sales by reducing user’s efforts.

Payments & Return


Next page in our fashion marketplace features is the payment and return options, you can say it plays a very crucial role in this application and so we are here with some tips.

Multiple payment methods


Users should be endowed with a multiple payment options for their convenience to opt for any of them to quickly check out. One more thing to look for is to provide only secure options that users can relate & rely on.

Return Policy


Return policy needs to depict provisions that are product specific, issue specifically, and laid in the simplest terms that can be understood by the user easily rather than complex, legal terms. Also, there needs to be a window on a reasonable period for returning an item.

Offers, Discounts & Promo codes


With this feature you can lure customers in every possible way without much hustle and hurt for your business. The offer can be of any kind say free shipping, free gifts or vouchers, percentage discounts for a certain value of shopping etc.

Socializing features

To add a touch of trust, interaction and social feel to fashion marketplace app we need to add user experience and user interface on which most of the e-commerce portals are thriving. You can think of possibly many features that fall in this lane, and we are going to put light on some of them.

This feature can be added or rather why don’t you get an insight on the entire concept of social commerce, and get an alternative as a social commerce application with us.

Chat module


Shopping along with a live chat module with fellow shoppers or querying about products with the brand representative, chat module surely gives a hike to your customer base and their retention rates. The user can experience complete satisfaction when they have an interactive platform to shop and their queries are being answered instantly.

Likes, comments, share


What’s wrong in adding a social feel to your fashion marketplace app? Just like every other social platform, allow users to hit likes on the items/ products they find interesting or worth buying, give them liberty to post their thoughts by comments on respective products, & let them market your products by sharing them. Win-win for you both, in lure of sufficing their social needs users is marketing your products for free.

Advanced Features

Until now we were discussing about the features that are mandatory for any fashion marketplace app, let’s now have a look on the advanced features that can illuminate your application among others. Let’s embark upon these features to add them in your application.



Users can be provided notifications for product that are added in their wishlist or they have once shown interest, these notifications can be of price drops, item sold, reply to your comment, return, refund or payment notifications, etc. This feature can keep the user updated and help them retain with your business for a longer period.



Allow users to create a bunch of items they want to buy from a single seller, brand, or store, depending on the type of application you built. The user can then buy the entire bunch by just undergoing the buying and payment process only once. He is even applicable to any discounts or offers for the items in the bunch.

Reviews & Ratings


Give users an option to review and rate the products that they have purchased up to a given period of time after the purchase. This makes the user feel empowered and their reviews can even help other buyers to get an insight of the product and thus our work is done.

Referral Programs


This feature is for increasing the user base with the help of the current users, and by providing them exciting rewards to refer application to those who have not registered with your application, or refer any specific product to fellow users to earn referral bonuses. This referral bonus can be anything, right from free shipping to site credit or offers and discounts.



Create a community based on brands, various categories of items or trends, users can enroll in any of the community to get latest updates about any of the brand or item and thus can be aware about the latest trends and socialize with other community members.



The users can even be given a customized dashboard with feeds that are flooded with products that are either searched by the user, or the user has shown interest in the past. This can increase the reach of the products and users can get an instant hand on the desired products and offers or discounts if any.

Videos of items along with images


Product display methods have taken a whole new turn in recent years, and it is two steps ahead in case of the fashion industry. Currently the videos are trending, whether it is a dress or shoes, videos of the items make user more intuitive and urge them to buy if the video can entice them. So videos along with images can give your products as well as app a boost.

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Must have feature: Customer support

This feature is a must have for many reasons and we strongly recommend you to incorporate it in your online fashion marketplace app as well. Here are few grounds that led us to this must have feature.


Helps in retaining customers

Users abandon a transaction due to lack of or poor customer service

Negative experiences can adversely affect the revenue of the business

Good customer support can build a healthy relation with customer to retain them for a longer period.

Treating a customer determines the customer’s buying pattern.

Provide your users with multi-channel customer support:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media
  • Phone
  • Helpdesk

Bonus: Complete your outfit

A bonus feature for your fashion marketplace app, this app suggests the user items that would complement their outfit. Or in simple cases user can be assisted by suggesting items that are often bought with their current purchase, or are grouped by the brand or the store itself as a complete outfit.


By this feature,

1: Sale increases

2: User feels it easy to shop and interactive feel can please them.

It can include few ways, such as:

  • Store/Brand can include an outfit, and when the user selects any one of the grouped items, others are suggested in the complete your outfit option.
  • Depending on the item selected, this option searches the application for items that are related to this product and can display them to the user.
  • This feature can even include various looks viz. party, office, picnic, etc. and the looks entirely can be bought by the user just by selecting the look.
  • The user can even be given an option to customize their look by selecting items from various places and clubbing them under this feature to view the look.

These were our ideas how use can use this bonus feature to give a bling to your application. There can be many other options to enhance this new feature too, in case we missed any!

Feel to add any features after going through our list?

Or felt to develop and application incorporating them?

Whichever is your way we are eagerly waiting for your views, feedback, suggestion or business ideas.

Get an instant reply for your idea and develop an application to stir the fashion market!!

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