This On Demand Restaurant At Home Concept Will Change The Way You Dine


Jennie’s thoughts from her diary:

It was the 8th of March, Friday, my first wedding anniversary!

I was waiting for my husband to arrive home after work so that we would go out for dinner.

Surprises, Flowers, Gifts, Good Food, Champaign, Live Music, Dance, Celebration….all of these were on my mind until he got home.

He was an hour late and with him, came along a sudden downpour, which simply ruined my excitement.

We decided to book a cab that would get us to our favorite restaurant “Lee Harvey’s” instead of driving.

The traffic added to our overdue and we reached the venue only to find that all the tables were booked.

After waiting for over an hour, we finally got a corner table for two.

We gulped down the pasta and pizza with the wine because it tasted all numb without the jazz performance that had just ceased 15 minutes before we got the table.

Our date couldn’t have worsened!

I wish this system of dining at restaurants was jammed. It adds up to the sufferings of the customers instead of pleasing their taste-buds.

I wish the Restaurant had come to my place that day! Along with the live Jazz Band to perform while we sipped wine and danced.

Don’t you wish that you could help Jennie on her wedding anniversary?

Entrepreneurs like you have got plenty of opportunities in your surroundings. You just need to open your eyes.

You can seize the customer’s pain by getting them what they actually want, and that’s how you make them happy as well as earn profits with an app.

Think about what Jennie wants- Get restaurants to the customer’s home?

Why not!

An On Demand Restaurant At Home Concept!

Today, a consumer gets all other services like taxis, hotels, healthcare, shopping, grooming, etc on demand at their doorsteps.

They also are privileged to order food from restaurants at home but you can move a step ahead and make a complete restaurant service available at their place.

Let’s unveil the current scenario where the customer undergoes several steps to enjoy the food at a restaurant:

Decide the date  →  Search the right restaurant  →  Wait  →  Check for Availability  →  Wait  →  Book a table  →  Commute to the restaurant→ Order food→ Wait→ Eat→ Travel back home→ End

Now, imagine the scenario when the customer orders restaurant at his/her home through this app:

Decide the date → Order Restaurant at home → Anticipate → Relish → End 

Apparently, think of the exuberance that gastronomers shall gain by receiving restaurant services at their homes.

So, it’s clearly the right time to treat your customers with this bundle of joy.

Take along the restaurant’s prime services of food, personalized entertainment, table setting, serving, and post-wind-up all together at their place.

Customers will be saved of the hassle to travel among the traffic and wait till they get a table available and set for them.

We are here to help you unveil into this new journey of innovation. We have done all the math for this mobile app development.

Guide the change in restaurant industry with this innovative idea

Today, there are a number of restaurants growing and lifting the market because of their unique themes.

Thematic Restaurants are a concept of attraction where everyone wants to be.

However, eating out is not only about food. It is also about the ambience, the service, the entire encounter of fine dining.

A ‘Food-experience’ is made up of food, service, and the vivacity of the place.

The idea is about taking this entire food-experience at the customer’s doorstep.

Just like people order food at home, you go a step ahead and provide them the privilege to order the restaurant experience at home.

Here, we ignite the idea of On-Demand Restaurant at home.

Read on to know more about the essentials for this new On-Demand Restaurant at home application.

Why we came up with an on demand restaurant at home concept?

By now you must have got clear with the intention of such an application.

Your customer is God.

The purpose of this application is to treat your God indeed like one.

People don’t like to wait in a queue, nor do they like to travel a few miles to have their favorite cuisine.

Yet they go to restaurants just for the ambiance/service of their favorite place.

This app idea will bring restaurant service to the user’s home with just one click.

The restaurant will send a waiter to user’s place who will take care of everything from setting a table, music instruments to cleaning mess post dinner.

The user/customer has to just book service from the app.

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Feature list to make this on demand app concept a successful business

As this is a new idea, let us describe what all this on-demand restaurant at home concept provides to customers.

Basic Package:


The basic and core functionality of this app is one person/staff/waiter of the restaurant comes to the customer’s home (provided address location) along with the ordered food.

He/She arranges the table, crockery, serves food, refills when required, and winds up post meal.

Advanced Package:


Additionally, there can also be other services provided by this app for example- entertainment.

Services like the live-music band, singers, comedy performances, dance performances, juggling joker, etc are served at your restaurant.

You can include these services in the on-demand restaurant at home concept app as well.

In that case, the entertainment person/team will join the one attendant who takes the food to the customer.

This means the basic package along with the entertainment service.

This unique On-demand Restaurant at home app will have the following general features:

  • Search Restaurants: Customers can go through the various restaurant options, cuisines, entertainment services, packages available.
  • Request Dates: Orders can be booked prior to the event. The customer’s calendar schedule and requests can be kept here.
  • Book, order & choose services: Choices available from a variety of restaurants, cuisines, and entertainment packages. Customers can book the package of their choice.
  • Rate & Review: Post getting served, restaurants and their services get rated by customers.
  • Date Approvals: Customers can check which order got approved or rejected.
  • Payment Gateway: Payment is executed via the app platform itself. Customers can pay restaurants while ordering/booking.

USP of this on demand restaurant at home concept

For Customer: Privacy

People enjoy food as an experience.

When in restaurants, they don’t just come for the food, rather they come for the whole experience of being served, the ambiance, the music, etc.

However, they are refrained from being completely comfortable because of other people and staff around (sometimes even due to CCTV cameras).

This On-Demand Restaurant at home concept brings Privacy to the customer’s entire ‘Good Food’ experience.

Remember Jennie, who wants to enjoy her wedding anniversary date with her husband?

Privacy would be like Cherry on the Cake for their situation as well as for many such couples.

For Restaurants: Loyal customers & Brand Value

Restaurants have got the golden egg laying hen with this app.

As their customers will be explicitly happy with this on-demand restaurant at home concept, they, in turn, will earn a lot many loyal customers.

Also, customers would recognize the restaurant’s brand as a unique thing creating brand awareness.

Moreover, there are much more cakes and ale for the restaurant owners!

They will have to spend less on the infrastructure, internal coordination, and maintenance of their restaurants as more and more people tread to on-demand restaurants at their homes.

Accelerate customer acquisition with the target market

We have studied all the perspectives for you to invest in this app.

Before getting a new idea to launch into an application, we must be aware of all the factors associated with it.

After a sustainable analysis, we have noted for you which people and places will be targeted by this app.



Before launching a new idea, it is essential to study geography to analyze where the idea will be valued and where will it be unfit.

This app is directly linked to the food industry.

Thus this app should be promoted in the locations where the ratio of food delivery apps is high.

People who prefer to order food at home, are more likely to try and order a restaurant at home.

Say, for example, the locations where even the food delivery at home is still bizarre, will not be welcoming the restaurant at home for sure.

According to this year’s statistics report, China is leading followed by the US, India, UK, and Germany as per the food delivery rate.



It is critical as to the new idea is pitching which age group.

This gets you to decide which audience you need to market your idea to.

When it comes to the on-demand restaurant at home concept, it would be preferred more by the aged people, say around 45-50 years or above.

This is because the young generation would not mind to wait, drive, or tolerate traffic as much as their subsequent elders would.

Hence, Gen X and Baby boomers are the right demographic who are likely to accept this new transition in the food experience.

When given a chance, they would surely like to have this fine dine experience with their loved ones at home.



This new idea will cost the restaurant owners a big deal on training their staff, sending their services to distinct locations, send entertainment/artists, endure commutation fares, maintain crockery, etc and much more.

This makes the on-demand restaurant at home concept an expensive one.

The riches would not hesitate to try this app.

However, a mediocre may still think before using such an app.

Power comes with money. Those who have the money, have power too.

This app should be targeted to the well-to-do class.



This app is for people who prefer privacy and comfort. People have different choice and mind-sets.

There are some who prefer hangout places away from homes or where they get loud music and crowd.

This app idea will be appealing to the first type of people mentioned; those who want to relish their food in their comfort zone with peace.


Let’s discuss the

Product Life Cycle Of This On Demand Restaurant At Home App

Whenever a new product or idea is initiated, we must study and realize how it is going to commence and cease its journey in the market.

This gives the investors a pre-plan to cope-up with its tread.


Introduction Stage:


As the on-demand restaurant at home concept will be introduced for the first time, people would completely be under its spell.

Newfangled approaches keep the folks anticipated.

Thus, they are attracted to them and are very likely to try this unique experience.

Growth Stage:


Within 2-3 years, as the popularity grows, you must focus on the promotion of the on-demand restaurant at home concept app.

You must emphasize this approach’s benefits and on reducing the cost of the service to reach out to more potential consumers.

This will make the public try the on-demand restaurant experience at home at least once.

Maturity Stage:


Soon there will be competitors in the market.

Looking at the idea’s acceptance, many entrepreneurs shall come up with similar concept apps.

Thus, as people get more options, they are likely to divert.

However, being the idea ignitor will make you the pioneer of this new concept and hence your name will be aligned with the idea.

Decline Stage:


Throughout its lifespan, this app idea would have earned much name and fame.

But, however, every life has an extinction defined with it.

You have two options- either discontinue the app or maintain the app by adding new features.

Drive business of the on demand restaurant at home concept with this revenue model

You might be thinking, how will this app make a fortune?

We have listed a few ways by which the app will make money. Here’s how:-

Listing Fees: 


A fee can be charged by the restaurants to get listed on your app.

They are going to benefit anyway as they will get more customers via this medium.

You can either keep the listing fee fixed or custom depending on the restaurant owner’s preference of display ranking.

Commission on every package sold:


You can also charge a fee from the restaurants on every package sold by them.

Whenever a customer is choosing a predefined package or is customarily clubbing more than one service in one package for an on-demand restaurant at home concept, there can be a commission charged.

Sponsored Advertisements:


A proven way of making revenue is by ads.

You can charge ad fees from restaurants who want to get seen on this platform by all.

Third-party companies or other restaurants can advertise on this platform and this one is another way to earn profits from the app.

SWOT Analysis Of On Demand Restaurant At Home Concept

You ain’t be new to SWOT analysis.

It is indeed a powerful exploration especially for new mobile app ideas to propagate.

So let’s gauge the power and uncertainty of the on-demand restaurant at home concept app by perusing SWOT analysis on it.

We will concentrate on the green area of Strengths and Opportunity first.


The fortitude of this app is its novelty.

There are apps which deliver food (ex. Grubhub, Doordash, Ubereats, Postmates, etc.) but there is not an app which brings restaurants to your home. So you can get the first movers advantage.

Human nature is filled with curiosity and when people are going to find this on-demand restaurant at home concept they are instantly gonna fit it in their minds.

You must take advantage of this point as uniqueness is your king element.

If you pitch your service correctly, you are sure to make it right.


Lifestyle and social patterns of mankind are changing.

People don’t prefer to go out if they have the option to order service/product at home.

Also, people have adopted the digital wave for shopping and ordering online.

This is the apt time that you make a move.

You must address them with an emotional appeal.

They might hesitate to spend such a treat on their own-self, but they would happily arrange it to express feelings to their loved ones.

You must grab this opportunity to make profits with your on-demand restaurant at home concept.

Now that you know your most precious weapons, you must sharpen them and be ready to start a battle.

But, it is wise who enters the battleground with a shield.

Without underestimating the power of the opponent, (in our case the target audience and the competitors) let’s get prepared to cover ourselves with the armor.


Every coin has two-sides.

Our on-demand restaurant at home concept coin has a downside too.

Price can be the only weakness of this app idea because not everyone can afford to have such a lavish experience at home.

Either people will prefer only ordering food or they will go to the restaurant to dine.

Once we know this, we will be prepared to cope up with this frailty.

As already discussed in the demographic and psychographic study, you should not waste your efforts and time in promoting this app idea with the wrong targets.

If you focus on grabbing the attention of the affluent class and the right age-group, your app is surely going to work it.


There is a risk behind every new perception.

But, taking those little risks makes an entrepreneur.

Similarly, in this on-demand restaurant at home concept, the foreshadowing rejection of the concept by the audience is a threat we must be alert of.

As you keep an eye on the threat, you will be sure not to fall victim of it.

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Closing Thought

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

In a world full of food delivery apps, dare to be the on-demand restaurant at home concept app.

Interested in exploring more about this unique on demand restaurant at home concept to satisfy your quench for success?

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