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Here’s a quick question at you- why do you buy branded clothes? It’s not that branded wear is the only thing that can make you comfortable? Do you really believe that there is some difference between the branded wear and the regular, non-branded wear?

When you ask a person who swears by branded wear, you know they believe in the value it offers. They will tell you it lasts longer, and there is a better warranty of these products. The high-end expensive products despite the expensive side have their takers. Ever wondered why? The reason is these products are able to offer value or, show the value they are offering to the end consumers. The value is bigger than the cost, and that’s what the end consumers are paying for. If you are going to offer the same value at a lesser price that would be well chosen.

Here are what you as a freelancer or an entrepreneur needs to learn from these high-end expensive products. How to offer a value that the client would pay for? Design is critical, and should offer value to the brand. You cannot just create a design and say it’s done! There is a whole exercise that goes behind a single design. When you are offering design services, you need to show the backend processes, and the end result they will get by investing. The idea is to offer value to make them believe that every penny going into this project is worth it.

You will need to literally position yourself as someone who understands the clients, are in complete control of what they desire, and can provide it to them while creating value. Only when you stand by this can you fetch the price desired by you.

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Here we will take you through the steps that can help you position yourself better.

Fulfilling the Clients Requirement

The first question that strikes the client’s mind is whether they would be getting what they have paid for. Their mind plays the game of whether the entrepreneur will be able to understand what is important to them? Imagine the frustration you face visiting a salon, when you realize that the person did not really get it that your long strands are important to you. They gave you a style that you have to carry, and you ended up being dissatisfied despite having paid a huge amount.

As an entrepreneur you don’t want your client to go through a similar situation, do you? That’s why you need to understand what is important to them. For most brands, their image or identity is very important, and you will need to convince them that you will be the protector of this image. The client always wants cheap and good; it is your duty to convince them that cheap is not necessary good, and why paying a little more can get them something unique. You will need to work out the plan, make them understand what all you would be charging for, and be a bit transparent about your services. Once this is done, you have created value for the service you are offering. They now understand the importance of the value you have crafted, and would be ready to pay up for this.

What’s your Niche?

Have you as an entrepreneur ever tried finding out what’s your area of specialization in design? Every designer is unique, and has a niche, and you need to identify that niche. For example, if you don’t understand technology, chances are your design would show it up. An understanding of the domain and your class of design is essential before pitching to clients. You will not be able to create value for a niche you have no idea about.

In case you want to work on something new and different like responsive web design, you may want to ask your client about their domain, what they want to get designed and a quick understanding of their niche.

Who said questions are not for designers? As a designer, the more questions you ask on the purpose of the design, the redesign or anything that the client requires, the better understanding you would have in the subject matter, and then you can design it accordingly.

Bring out the Relevancy

As an entrepreneur you don’t want to suffer from being underpaid for your work, and then spending a whole load of time in marketing yourself. This will only keep you overworked and the compensation will remain the same. Instead of charging less, tell the client how the amount they pay will benefit them. Show them the profits they will gain by investing a little more in your design. Make it count for them. If they see value, they are going to pay.

The idea is to deliver value to the client so that you are compensated for the skill, time and effort you will be putting into the project. Instead of creating artwork that will fetch no viewers, create some masterpieces from expert designer and get paid for it.

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