Businesses have sustained through a series of transformation in the way they flourish, market or portray their presence. This journey started with the evolution of the internet that opened the gates for e-commerce websites. These websites took the form of mobile apps with the birth of smartphones and has led to the outset of this new concept of on-demand economy.

The inception of the mobile app development for on-demand economy was eyed as a successful model after Uber started gaining fame by providing on-demand services 24*7. Leading to an economic revolution around the world.

There is a long list of companies that have jumped on the bandwagon of on-demand economy and have gained success by leveraging all the possible features of this model. Some of them are:


The Online Transportation Network Company operates globally in 633 countries.

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Online restaurant reservation service provider allows the users to book a table in the desired restaurant at the desired time.

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Online Rental Company, enables people to find and rent vacation homes.

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Service to match freelance labors with local demands for professional services.

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These were a few names in the long list of services that have adopted in mobile app development for on-demand economy, but the real deal for our discussion today is the exploration of the industries disrupted by on-demand economy.

We present to you the top 9 industries that have gone through disruption and with a brief peek into their business model will allow us to know how you can develop a mobile platform for one of them and make millions.

The Beginning Of Disruption By Mobile App Development For On-Demand Economy

Currently booking a cab and travelling is just a matter of a few touches on our phone, but if we delineate ground transportation, then by far it is the most disrupted industries that has adopted an on-demand economy and is one of the few first industries to embrace this model.

on-demad economy trasnportaion TRooTech Business Solutions

Taxi companies can now easily reach their customers by developing their own applications for aiding the customers in booking taxis. Apart from cabs, the other modes of ground transportation such as bikes, car pools, renting the car on hourly basis etc. have been tapped by the on-demand economy.

Existing Verticals in on-demand Ground Transportation



Uber is an on-demand taxi booking service with its services spread across the globe. It started as an idea to hail premium black cars in selected cities, just with a tap on the app. And today it is one of the giants that gave everyone a success story of mobile app development for on-demand economy adoption.


  • Clear Pricing
  • One Tap Ride
  • Feedback is given importance
  • Split your fare
  • Reliable pickups



Lyft is an example of on-demand economy catering the transportation industry, this company was launched in 2012 and stands as a tall competitor to other on-demand cab services. It operates in around 300 U.S. cities and gives riders a comfortable and affordable ride, standing as a pioneer in safety, vehicle insurance, reliable and comfort rides.


  • Safety First
  • Background checks to ensure driver’s authenticity
  • Front-seat engaging, fun ride, a friend with first bump
  • Less commission from drivers
  • Extensive customer support

Grab Taxi


Grab is a ride-hailing and logistics company that is based in Singapore and operates in the nearby countries. Grab has two child services Grab car that allows drivers to sign up, register their car and license details, and they are ready for driving, while Grab Taxi pairs up with the local licensed taxi services of the respective cities.


  • Easy to access
  • The passenger rejection rate is lowest
  • Highly Reliable
  • Faster Service

Making parcel delivery simple

Whether it is an important document or transferring household items, people look up to the logistics companies as a reliable source. Individuals, corporate houses, wholesalers, import-export companies, etc. all are in need of an efficient and reliable logistics service which is given to them by the on-demand economy.

With the effect of the on-demand services, currently the logistics service has taken a smooth way for the customers. Doorstep pick-up and delivery, tracking your package through phone, updates about each of the events from picking up the package, in –transit to delivery or any failure, everything is available on your smartphone.

For larger corporate companies, now they can book a truck for their cargo from their phones and get updates from pick-up to delivery. Demographics and time management play a major role in this industry as on-demand services have catered both these factors with ease.

Existing Verticals in the on-demand Logistics industry



Deliv is an on-demand same day delivery service providers. It connects customers with the retailers of multiple channels and other mall shoppers. It is a crowd based startup that undergoes am an extensive filtering process for the drivers, partners and workers associated with the company.


  • Same day delivery
  • Trusted service
  • Scaling the fast growth of economy with the partners
  • Constantly adding new verticals



Postmates is a logistics company that provides courier delivery services of goods locally, thus embracing on-demand economy to the fullest. With an interactive mobile app and easy to use functionalities it has entered the pool of on-demand service providing companies. With a team of dexterous individuals, Postmates is running towards the top position and achieving client satisfaction.


  • Order anything, anywhere
  • Real-time tracking
  • Speed
  • Reliable customer support
on-demand economy post mates TRooTech Business Solutions

My Truck Buddy


TruckBuddy is a logistics initiative for truckers by the truckers to elevate their work and support drivers on the road with latest tools and technologies. And as their taglines goes, it is a moving company for the people who hate moving, TruckBuddy is all you need for the drivers being on time to friendly and carefully move.


  • Features for drivers such as logging hours, food & fuel details, location accuracy, etc.
  • Real-time chat facility
  • Complete insurance and charges at the time of booking
  • Accurate time management
on-demand economy my truck buddy TRooTech Business Solutions

On-demand transportation industry is no more limited to pessenger transport, you can disrupt the freight transport industry with our readymade solution

Trucklink On-Demand Trucking Solution

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Food Industry
The Ever-Green Field For Any Startup

The food industry is considered to be the one that has got a complete stir and became part of industries disrupted by mobile app development for on-demand economy. There are various dimensions to this industry as well, on-demand services for food are bifurcated in various ways, starting from grocery and snack delivery of ready meals from any restaurant. One click and doorstep delivery of food, it sounds so easy, satisfying and hassle-free.

on-demad economy food TRooTech Business Solutions

Not only the food delivery but also app for booking a table in your favorite restaurant at your preferred time is a boon of on-demand service, just a few quick steps on your phone that’s it. Now, the question may arise about the beneficiaries. The answer is quite simple here. Firstly, the customers as they get desired food on their doorstep, then next are the retailers, grocery shop owners, etc. Then comes our restaurants, the ones leveraging the most out of it.

Existing Verticals in the on-demand Food industry



Founded in 2013, DoorDash is the fastest grown on-demand restaurant delivery service. The use of logistics services to cater food delivery to the customers from the restaurants on-demand. Its growth is visible from the reign that has expanded to over 500 cities currently.


  • Hires its own drivers called Dashers
  • Flat static delivery charges
  • Customer Service Availability 24×7
  • Streamlined & easy to use approach for food ordering
  • Empowerment to small restaurant owners to grab a huge customer base



Instacart is one the leading companies in United States that provide same-day grocery delivery service. It operates by getting orders from customers by application. Immediately a personal shopper collects those things from various retailers and delivers it to the customer.


  • Tie-ups with existing supermarkets
  • Incorporating part time workers and their cars
  • Vast inventory
  • Quick delivery
  • No warehouses
  • No shiny delivery trucks



A prominent name in online restaurant reservation service provider, OpenTable serves the users by allowing them to search and make reservations depending on various metrics. These include date, time, cuisine, etc. the restaurant owners get a ready reservation management system and electronic reservation book to handle table reservation, guest management and marketing.


  • Major marketing search engine
  • Easy customer retention
  • OpenTable Electronic Reservation Book
  • Connect and feature
  • 24 hours booking & Assistance

TRooReserve: Build to Succeed

Many ambitious startups have failed to build the reservation system that can match with the quality of OpenTable beacuse of the lack of time and resources. Check out our table reservation solution, a ready-made ticket to success for any ambitious enterpreneur.

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Professional Services
Making the idea more logical.

After reading about the above industries, more and more industries were popping in your mind, I know. So, the most awaited one of these industries disrupted by mobile app development for on-demand economy is here. Professional services for all kinds of small and big gigs. This gig economy has made people rely on them for the tasks for which they had to step out and hunt for the professionals.

on-demad economy professional services TRooTech Business Solutions

This industry caters all the possible professionals, whether you ask for an electrician, mechanic, household help, pest-control, carpet-cleaning, handy-man, plumbing, baby-sitters, etc. anything you are name for. There are on-demand service providers for all of the above mentioned services.

Not only these basic house related services, there are many professional service providers too, such as software programmers, designers, or an entire firm that provides services. The bottom line is any skilled individual is not left without a gig now, owing to the on-demand service platforms for almost all the kind of skilled individuals.

Existing Verticals in on-demand Professional Services



Handy is a renowned marketplace catering professional services spanning from residential cleaning, handyman, other home services such as electrician, plumbing, etc. It allows management of the booking on the go, with any service provided at your request through your phone.


  • Friendly, experienced, background-checked and assured professionals
  • Next day availability of all the services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Professionals available throughout the week



VenturePact is an on-demand software development team providing company that is catering the needs of software development since 2012. From the marketplace to the management of on-demand software development teams, VenturePact has brought transparency in the selection of the team or firm for outsourcing the projects or any high-risk venture.


  • Transparency in all the activities
  • Best outsourcing practices
  • Agile milestone management
  • On-time performance tracking
  • Code reviews
  • Project governor for professional supervision



Serviz is an online platform to get easy access of the home repair services; it allows booking pre-screened technicians using just the website or app. It caters various home services such as handyman, electricians, appliance repairs and more. It makes sure that all the services that are provided to the customers are carried out by the highly reviewed and scrutinized workers.


  • Same day appointments
  • Accurate time and person details
  • Easy booking and payment
  • Satisfaction guarantee and customer centric approach
  • Flat, upfront pricing while booking
on-demand economy serviz TRooTech Business Solutions

Extensive Analysis of Top 8 On-Demand Professional Service Apps

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Personal Care
Shifting business model on basis of increasing demand

The personal care or beauty service industry is also moving hand in hand with the technologies and extracting all the possible benefits to increase their popularity and profits and positioned for industries disrupted by mobile app development for on-demand economy. The shift from people visiting salons to get groomed and waiting for their appointment amidst busy work schedules to present condition where any of the pampering services can be ordered whenever and wherever they want.

on-demad economy personal care TRooTech Business Solutions

The variety of on-demand personal care services ranges from ordering for salon services at home, hiring an in-home stylist, to booking an appointment at the desired salon at the most convenient time with the favorite stylist. This has aided the customers seeking for beauty services, salons and other personal care providers in a multi-dimensional manner and provided an open door for the freelance stylist to earn by providing their services via such on- demand platforms.

Existing Verticals in the on-demand Personal Care industry

The GlamApp


Also known as the Uber of Glam industry, GlamApp has made firm base in the on-demand personal care industry. This application serv